Nallur Rajadhani: City Layout
V.N.Giritharan B.Sc (Built Environment in Architecture)
Publisher: Sneha Pathippagam (Madras)
Translation By: Latha Ramakrishnan

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Nallur Rajadhani: City Layout
Written By: V.N.Giritharan
Translation: Latha Ramakrishnan
Publisher: Sneha Pathippagam, Madras

Nallur Rajadhani: City Layout"Giritharan has the principal qualities required of a historical researcher, sincerity and patience, in full. He takes into consideration even those historical evidences which have no basis and which are quite a lot. And he sets out to analyse them extensively and establish how correct or incorrect they are. This maturity of mind which is required foremost of a historian is inherent in this young author and this fact is enough to throw light on his vast knowledge and deep insight. And, his analytical bent of mind and viewpoint are further enhanced by his distinct style of writing which is at once simple and rich. Till date I have not met Giritharan. Only through his writing I have come to know him as an intelligent writer who has a seeking for more and more knowledge and wisdom who writes for a case and with a purpose. This analytical work of his reveals to us another aspect of his self. or rather, another facet of his self. And indeed, with pride and precision."-S.Yoganathan-

Preface:An Exemplary Attempt By: S. Yoganathan
Foreword:Nallur Rajadhani City Layout
Chapter One:Nallur and The City Of Singai
Chapter Two:Nallur and Jaffna
Chapter Three :Nallur Rajadhani Historical Facts
Chapter Four:Nallur Kandaswami Temple
Chapter Five:Nallur Fort and its Surrounding Walls.
Chapter Six:Field Research-Work Information
Capter Seven:Fort Entrance, Fort Base and VeijiluganthaPillaiyar
Chapter Eight:Ancient Books and Hindu Architecture
Chapter Nine:Hindu City Layout and the Caste
Chapter Ten:South Indian Temple Cities
Chapter Eleven:Nallur Rjadhani and Nallur City Layout

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