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From: UK SriLankan Community Web Site 
Subject: - Your community web site


-Your community web site-
Welcome to the newly improved site dedicated to serve the community. working towards, integrating communities worldwide, by establishing links with their home country. Promoting local businesses and local events so that our culture and diversity can be developed further. Here are a few of the services provided: -

-FreePlace your advertisement in the classified section from items for sale to searching for your ideal partner.

-Losing touch with Sri Lanka Read about current affairs in Sri Lanka by our resident journalist Dr Hilary Rajakarunanayake - His popular snippets of the week and window on Sri Lanka articles provide all the news in detail.

-Ever wondered how your relatives live, what they wear, their education system-Well now you can. Find out from our resident journalist Marissa Jansz covering real life issues in Sri Lanka from her articles in the features section. Many readers have appreciated her distinctive writing style.

-Visiting friends and family- Well why not combine it by visiting some of the wonderful sights in Sri Lanka as detailed in our Tourism section by Dr Hilary Rajakarunanayake. Not many peolple are aware of the multitude of things which can be done in Sri Lanka, such as snorkeling, safari, golf and many more- read about the must see places to vistit in Srilanka.

-Looking for a venue, florist or shop fitters- You can search our on-line business directory and wedding directory, which are continuously updated. Please send us your suggestions and feedback to as we are dedicated to providing you with the information and service you require.

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