K.S.SivakumaranRecently in an invitational screening of a large gathering I sat at  Regal Theatre to see the new creation by Prasanna Vithanage. Internationally known Lankan film director Vithanage has brought in a new genre of film making in Sinhala. My thoughts went back to the 1960s when the New Wave in France exciting us all the enthusiasts of continental cinema.

'Verite ’- The Truth was in fashion then and led to neo-realism and other developments in cinematic history.

Usavia Nihangdai (Silence in the Courts) produced by H D Premasiri &  Prasanna Vithanage is a true story enacted in cinematic terms. It sounds like a documentary feature film but in fact the creativity is visible in the deft cinematography and the dialogues and further the story enacted is a humanistic and implicitly suggests an indictment of some of those in our very recent judicial personnel. The artistry in handling violence though only words and a fleeting moment of seminude scene is to be applauded.

With English subtitles provided I could understand the dialogue well and fully appreciate the boldness of the producer and director and the players in the film.

I do not want to retell the story as the visuals speak full well the pathetic state of lawlessness and sexual exploitation of naïve village women.

Actualities of real evidences and the newspaper reference and the natural narration and utterance of Victor Ivan and others amply prove the law violators of the crime and how the Courts ignored the culprits. Graphics, Voice production and intimate faces all account for the pin drop silence observed in the theatre for full 60 minutes of showing, It was a silent approval of the film. One more feather in Prasanna Vithanage’s  cap. Congratulations.

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