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Geevan : Nanda Kanthasamiɼ Ũ¢ Ţ ȢӸ ¢. ȢӸ. ɦȢ 'Ũø ҽ'á â ¢ Ψ Ƹ Ш¢ . Ĩ ý ɼ 󾾢Ģ Ũ Ţ 𺢸 þ ¢ . 츢 Ţ ШȸǢ . Ţ ţ ¢Ĩ. Ţ Ţ Ш¢ Ш¢ . Ţ ۼ â.

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Geevan: Nanda KandasamiThe Suffering of my people, an art exhibit by Geevan, hung at the Ballroom Gallery, 5500 Inglis Street in February- March, 1997. The opening of the show appropriately coincided with a fund-raising coffee house hosted by the local chapter of Amnesty International. It was a perfect match, Geevan's work exemplified the importance and immediacy of the work of Amnesty.
Geevan's images demand our attention. His frames are filled with stark Black and white renderings of contorted bodies and severed souls. Drawings from his own experience, The Suffering of My People expresses the violence and oppression that was once part of the artist's life. Geevan depicts painful memories of a homeland in distress. The emotions live on in these powerfully suggestive works.....

review by Scott Donovan, 1997/04/18
The Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax

"..the works are exceedingly strong, blatant poster sized explorations of the violence present in human life..."

- Marcus & Euba Margus, Toronto
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