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Pakistan: Quake victimForeign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew, International Cooperation Minister Aileen Carroll and Defence Minister Bill Graham announced today that the Government of Canada has earmarked $20 million to respond to the devastating magnitude 7.6 earthquake that struck South Asia on October 8, 2005. In response to a request from the Government of Pakistan, a portion of the funds will be allocated for the dispatch by Canadian Forces Hercules aircraft in the region of 21 tonnes of winterized blankets for those affected by the crisis. Canada will also respond to the appeals to be issued by the UN system, by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and by Canadian non-governmental organizations. These funds will go toward immediate shelter, food, clothing, water and sanitation, as well as to longer-term reconstruction.

The Government of Canada has indicated to the Government of Pakistan that we are committed to doing what we can to help those affected by this tragic emergency. I conveyed this message directly to Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri on Sunday, said Minister Pettigrew. Canadas assistance has been timely and focused on identified needs. Canadian officials are in close contact with the relevant authorities and agencies to assess the needs as the situation evolves on the ground.

Canada's Foreign MinisterCanadas contribution of $20 million is in response to needs that have been identified since our initial $300,000 contribution was announced on Saturday, said Minister Carroll. Given the scope of the disaster, it is important that Canada ensure that the needs of those affected by the crisis are effectively met, and we will continue to monitor closely what more may be required for immediate relief. Given Canadas important development partnership with Pakistan, we will be in a good position to support recovery and reconstruction efforts as needs in that regard become clearer, in conjunction with others in the international community.

I am proud that the Canadian Forces are contributing toward this important relief effort, said Minister Graham. Canadian Forces staff are working with their counterparts at Foreign Affairs and the Canadian International Development Agency to determine if there is a need for additional Canadian Forces assets, and if so how these can be provided in a manner that will best assist the work under way by local authorities and civilian humanitarian agencies.

Canadians wishing to help with relief efforts are encouraged to make a financial donation to organizations with a proven track record of working in the region. This enables those organizations to purchase goods closer to the crisis, which is faster and more cost-effective. For more information on how Canadians can help, consult http://www.fac-aec.gc.ca/disaster_help2-en.asp. Funding for this initiative was provided for in the February 2005 federal budget and is therefore built into the existing fiscal framework. For further information, media representatives may contact:

Sebastien Theberge
Director of Communications
Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
(613) 995-1851

Media Relations Office
Foreign Affairs Canada
(613) 995-1874
Andrew Graham
Director of Communications
Office of the Minister of International Cooperation
(819) 953-6238 

Media Relations Office
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
(819) 953-6534

Renee Filiatrault
Director of Communications
Office of the Minister of National Defence
(613) 996-3100


Mike ColleToronto The Ontario Government offered its support and sympathies to all those touched by Saturdays devastating earthquake, Mike Colle, Ontarios Minister of Citizenship and Immigration said today. Our hearts go out to the tens of thousands of people who were affected by this massive earthquake, said Colle.  I would like to say to the people in the region that you are in our thoughts and our prayers. 

Ontario is home to people from throughout the world and its citizens have a long history of supporting nations in need. 

Clearly, a natural disaster of this magnitude calls for an international 
response, Colle said. We are cooperating with other levels of government 
in the relief efforts.


Danna O'Brien 
Ministers Office

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Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration


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