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Kandy Ramamuurthy Raja¢ ׸ Ƣ Ģ šâ ȢӸ â ɸáŢ ¢ â󧾡. ׸ Ƣ Ţ ͸ Ƣ ͸ ġ ĸ ú 츢 Φ վŢ. ɡ ġ ¾ ź վ Ȣ Ȣ ź¦ иȡ. .â ɸá ¢ ɡ Ţ츢áɢ šâ͸Ǣġá ' á' θ á á׼ Ȣ ¢.

á áŢ ú ھ ɡ Ţ츢 á ɢ  ( ú ھ ǡŢ) ǡ վ 츢ȡ. Ũ¢ šâ͸ǢġáŢ츢ȡ. úšâ ç š ţ ź ոȡ. Ţ ¢ 츢¢ š ͸ټ Ÿ ú 羢 , ú 측 Ÿ ʾ Ҹ 츢ȡ. [ Ҩ¢þ ռ Ũ Ǿ âո.] 羢 иǢ Ţ𼾡 ŽǢĢ Ȣ ʸ. ǢŢŸ ͼ и ͼ Ȣ¢츢ȡ. ͼ ͼ Ȣ¢츢ȡ. Ȣ Ψæ¡Ȣ Ţ á Sunday Mail 25-ʅ 1, 1990 Ƣ ؾ¢츢ȡ. Ȣ Ţâš Ȣ . Ӿá Ļ ս ¢ ھ ɡ Ţ츢á ' ' , Ǣ¢ úɢ šâ Ţ Ţ측 Ȣ Ȣ. âɢâ ¡ š áŢ šâ Ʀ ýɡ ͸Ǣɡ 츽 Ũ Ž, Ψø âŢ츢. ú ھ á áŢ ú ¢ Ţ áŢ š Ţ Ũ Ţ. ¢ á ¢ ¨󾾡 âŢ. Ƹ Ӿ Ţ Ģ Ȣ ؾǾ Ȣ 츢. Ȣ ׸ â ɸá ʾ ̾ǧ ȣ. ¡á Ţɡ Ȣ ʾ ġ.

[......It was great speaking over the phone the other day.  It interests me a lot when we discuss about our Nation and its history.  As I mention to you about  The Kandi Ramamurthy Rajah.  I have received relevant documentation along with a covering letter from him.  I am hereby sending you some points to be published in your magazine.  It is with sadness I read the various letters  he has received for the Sri Lankan Government, the Indian Government and other organisations in different parts of the world.  Each one of them has sent negative replies for his appeal for aid.  An email will follow with some of the documents as an attachment.  The reason as to why I want to help  the Kandi Rajah is because from a very young age I have always done lots of  social work in helping those who are in need by collecting individual funds.  It is not only because he is an existing Descendent of the last king of  Kandy but when I spoke to him over the phone he wept and requested for some  help.  He is not an avaricious man but he is living a middle class life  although he should be living the life of a noble. He is a man who is over  seventy years of age and is unable to work and he has lost his right to  receive a pension from the Sri Lankan Government.

Because he is a  Descendent to a king who reigned in Sri Lanka other organisations tell him  to appeal to the Government of Sri Lanka for help but the Sri Lankan  Government tell him to appeal to the Indian Government because he resides in  India.  Like this he has been swayed from place to place but has not  received any help from either Government.  There are Monarchs of countries  during the colonial time that invaded our country and destroyed our kingdoms  and today they are all flourishing but a Descendent to a king from our own  country is suffering.  Because I am an existing Descendent of Jaffna Dynasty  I cannot see another existing Descendent suffering.  It would be nice to see  the Descendents of our country receive the same honour respect and dignity  other Monarchs receive in their countries.  And I do hope the Heritage  continues in our country.  There are a lot of people who claim to be Descendents to the last King of Kandy but none of them offer any kind of  help to the actual Descendent of the Kandy King. The Kandi Rajah has got an  adopted son who is very ill and needs a great lot of medication.  A few people like Dr. Anandan and family and a few others known to the Rajah are  helping him as much as they can.  If there is anyone who would like to help the Rajah they can contact him on the following address:

The Rajah
Kandi Ramamurthy Rajah
Direct Descendent Great Grand Son of
Sri Rajadi Rajah Sinhe King of Kandy
Narasingarayapeta SPO 517 419
Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh

So Mr. Giritharan I request you to please publish the following names for further information and reference.

1. Mr. J.R. Kanagarajah
    Direct Descendent of Jaffna Dynasty
    Tel: 0031622235886
    E-mail : jrkdynasty@hotmail.com

2. Mr. Adelin Remy (Editor)
    Almanach De Bruxelles.
    Tel  0032474 941749
    E-mail : almanachdebruxelles@compuserve.com   .....]

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