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Virsu & Computers¢ Ţ â . Ȣ Ӹâ¡ȢĢ Å ʾ 󾾡 Ȣ. ʾ ھ¢ . ؾ¢. Ӹâ (editor@pathivukal.com, ngiri2704@rogers.com) 󧾡 츢 Ч Å ո. м â ʾ Ч â Ţ Ŧġ ÊǢ Ţ¡츧 . ɧ Ƣ Ţš. . 

Ũ¢Ģġ ӸâǢĢ, ӸâǢĢġ ܼ Ũ¡ Êǡ ʾ ĸ Ţ ¡ ý . Ӹâ ¢츽측Ǣ ɢǢ . 츽ɢǢľŦ Å , 츽ɢ¢ Ӹâ Å ʾ ġ. Ţ𧼡 ¢. ¡ Φ ܼ Ӹâ âĢ 򾨸 ʾ . 

Virus Ţ ɢ Ê ҧȡȡȢ ھ и м иҼ 'á ¡ ' и (Royar Yahoo online protection) ǡ и. Ţ ׼ ΦӨ ɢ Ê Ǣɡ š츢Ţ, á Ê  ¡â ǡ Ǣ¢ Ê즸á, ھ¡ Ǣ¢, š (Cleaning Tools) š츢. Ȣ ɢ¢Ģ Ţ Å ʾ ž šҸ â. ׸Ǣ ܼ 'š Ê 츢è' ȡ Ψ â󧾡. Ӹâ: http://www.geotamil.com/pathivukal/VIRUS-ALERT.html Ψ¢ Ө š .

¦ɦȡ... ĸ 򾨸 ʾ Ţ ¡ . ɡ ȡ Ģ 즸 . 򾨸 ʾ Ч š Ө Ţ; ¡ Ƣ Ţ. ɢ Ħ è â и . ¢ Ȣ , 'á ¡ ' и , и Ÿ Ȣ ¡áŢ. Ţ .

Ţ ʾ.....

From: Wijeyathungam,Kulathugan (RBC Dexia IS) kulathugan.wijeyathungam@RBCDexia-IS.com
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 9:47 AM

I was told by our system people that you have sent me an E-mail  containing virus.  Please ensure that you don't send this type of E-mail.
If you have sent the mail without knowing that it contains virus,  and if you think the content of the mail is important, clean up the E-mail and send it. If you have sent the mail with a virus intentionally, then RBC security will be after you.  So please contact me before further action is taken.
- Wijey 

From: Wijeyathungam, Kulathugan (RBC Dexia IS) kulathugan.wijeyathungam@RBCDexia-IS.com
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 7:38 AM
Subject: your mail

Giri, Two E-mails containing virus was sent to my address today.  This is the second time I received virus containing E-mails from your address.  Please remove my address from your E-mail list and you better clean-up your server to prevent future invasion of virus through your E-mail. Please see following that was sent to by Is dept.:   One was at 11:51 pm yesterday and another at  4:31 am this morning You have been sent an e-mail from "ngiri2704@rogers.com" containing a virus RBC Financial Group automated Anti-Virus systems have blocked the message as it may pose a threat to RBC Information Technology systems and information. 

- ׸ š -


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