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R.P.Rajanayahem's letter to a feminist poet!
Some things are never meant to end!

- R.P.Rajanayahem -                        

R.P.RajanayahemDear Vaigai Selvi, First I would like to express my thanks for your remark and appreciation that i am a person of caliber. I never wrote 'taboos,inhibition and ethics' to thilaga bama alone. But to the entire philestines and cultural police who are against Salma, Malathi Mythri, Sukirtha Rani Kutti Revathi, Uma Maheswari and the male poets Kalapriya and Prem Ramesh and Sankara Rama Subramanian. Many people are against Salma and Malathi Mythri and Kalachuvadu such as academic people(tamil professors and vidvans), some literary magazines,commercial writers, cine people(!) and marxists , dravida movements, Tamil cultural movements, thani tamil anbarkal, R.S.S., Islamic Fundamendalists, Christians and many others. Why do you raise this Bama alone as a redeemer . I dont have any personal vendatta against Bama at all. I consider the above persons are affected with grandeur delusion . When Bama takes this very personally she is definitely affected with paranoid delusion also. She thinks too much of herself. This is more than obvious in her prologue to Vaigai Selvis statement. 

Female poetDont compare Salma, Mythri and Kalapriya with cene lyrics writers. hyperion to a satyr? These hypocrites are the same sanadhanis who criticized Bharathi as the uncivilized barbarian, and had critisized Ku.Pa.Ra., T.Janakiraman, and G.Nagarajan as porno writers. These philistines are ever living , and I criticize them as psychos and not Bama alone. After Ambai, ( not a poet of course) we consider Malathi Mythiri, Salma , Uma Maheswari , Sukirtha Rani, and Kutti Revathi are trying to liberalize and write the real voice and conscience and problems of women hood.( I admit I have strong differences with ambai and the above poets, thats a different thing) I have nothing to speak with those , who believe in god as my god died young. I have no faith in god at present. I never mentioned in my write-up that this is a rejoinder to Bamas ezhuthu vanmurai. what Bama wrote has nothing new and nothing roman in it. She is blowing the trumpet of the conservatives.more over I sent my write up to many others also as usual. 

There are psudo literarians and male chauvanists to disturb the women writers but I declare Ii have never done any disgrace by making obscene telephone calls to women poets and I never harassed sexually any woman at all in my deeds and in my writings. Stop threatening and black mailing us by asking could the author or supporter dare to. allow his wife. this is the atrocity and this is the gibberish act. Tthis word is spoken by the street loafers . please a lady with a dignity should never write in this awkward manner.you cannot intimidate us at all in this clumsy way. I am not a poet, not a story writer , or a novelist but a reader .my writings are against hypocrites only. Nnothing is immoral except hypocrisy. 


M.G. suresh - A great novelist in tamil. This is not a criticism.Ii assure you! you can read this write- up without fear. Five novels he has written in five years ! grand consummation!!
1.Atlandis manithan matrum silarudan (published in 1999)
2.Alexandarum theneer koppaikalum (2000)
3.Silanthi (2001)
4.Uraga endroru nagaram (2002)
5.37 (2003)

You could understand the meaning of the pleasure of text of Roland Barthes in these novels. I feel proud to say that I have read the five novels of M.G.Suresh. Precious contributions to modern tamil literature. He is well- veresed in post-modernism and has written a wonderful book now on post-modernism. The myth created by others (snobs indeed!) on post- modernism is totally shattered in this remarkable book ' post-modernism endral enna?' He is the editor of a Tamil literary magazine 'Panmugam' in which he edited special issues to james joyce, edgar allan poe recenly.

M.G.Suresh is a great literarian for whom I have the greatest regards! A writer to reckon .His works are haunting tunes. A reader cannot easily judge his modus operandi as he changes his system and formula in every novel.i.e., Atlandis is a cubic novel, Alexander is an auto fiction, his silanthi is a virtual reality novel and his '37' is a poly phony in method of writing. You can find nothing naive in his writings. He has an individuality. His magnum opus is yet to Come. Discrimination ,N epotism and Subjectivity are trying hard to outsmart his works. Tribal culture is working against him. But he will excel every body in future with his works, Undoubtedly.

Light Music: Kishore Kumar and P.B.Srinivas

P.B.SrinivasThough I am a classical music lover I am dying to hear and sing songs sung by Kishore Kumar and P.B.Srinivas.both playback singers are my favorites. In hindi there were stalwarts like Rafi and Mukesh who have consummated in playback singing. Majority of the musicians and singers around india prefers either Mohd Rafi or Mukesh as their much loved singers.They are great singers I agree, but Kishore Kumar's magical voice and his adamant humming is unique and uncompetitive. I apologize, I don't know Hindi. Ye Kya Huva Hese Huva.. Gore ga gas tha ye man mera..chalte, chalte mere ye geet yahu rehna.... saagar kinare... kaise kahaan hum pyaar mei hum ko kya kya keil thee gaye.. gil te hain gul yahaan..kuch ko log gahenge..tum bin jaun kahaan..

In Tamil there were play back singers such as T.M.S.P.B., Yesudas. But P.B.Srinivas differs from them all in melody. his solos and duets with every male and female singers proved his speciality. Kalangalil aval vasantham... Kaadhal nilave kannmani radha... Netru varai nee yaaro naan yaaro...C hinna chinna kannanukku.. Mayakkama kalakkama... Intha mandrathil oodi varum ilanthendralai ketkindraan...Naalaam nalaam thirunalaam...Mouname paarvaiyal oru paattu... thulli thirintha Penn ondru thuyil kondethean indru.. I could here light music also because of these two stalwarts! haa!! i am dying to sing their songs!!!


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