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Award for Promotion of Gender Equality and Empowerment of Refugee Women - 2003 UNHCR Headquarters, Geneva

Ȣ¨측 ! 
Ţ էɢ !

Miss Arunothini  ArulsubramaniamէĨ Ţ. էɢ UNHCR š á ¡Ȣ ոȡ.   ɢšŢ Ĩ¸ 츢¿θ 측 ɢ (UNHCR) . ֡ Ǣ ǡ Ǣ š측 측 Ȣ ¢ 2003 Ţվ Ȣ츢ȡ.

2003 Ţվ측 ĸǡŢ ã¢ âš 20 Ţ 츢¿θ 측 ɢ Ĩ¢ ʺ 5 Ǣ츢ƨ ɢšŢ .  Ţâ¡ ŢơŢ Ţ á ¡Ȣ . ֡ - Ǣ , ¢ ž к쾢 Ǣ 쨸 âŢ.

UNHCR Award 1
  ( ɢ . ֡
Ţ. էɢ ) - 5 Dec 03

ġ ǡ ǡ Ө 측 ǿĨ ʧ¡ Ƣ ¡ .

2003 Ţվ Ȣ¡ǡ 20 , â, żâ, , á ¸ θǢ š ¢ ǡ.  Ȣ θǢ է ǢĢ â Ǣ Ţ էɢ .  á, ħâ¡, , Ȣ§ġ, 󧾡ɢ¡, ɡ, Ţ θǢĢ âǡ.

էĨ Ţ էɢ   է ɢ â¡ ֡â¢ Ţ ¢.  Ƹ Ӹ 𼾡â¡ 了 狀 á Ǣ , ¡ Ǣ ҾŢš.

է â ӸǢ š Ǣ â  и ŢƢҽŢ 츢 Ȣ째 ڸȡ.  , Ȣ ̨ȸ Ȣ Ǣž, ׸ ž, θǢ â š - ӸǢ š ġ Ţ 츢ȡ.  󧾡 ¢ Ө š 측 Ǣ Ө ɸ Ȣ Ÿ ƢӨȸǢ ġ Ţ , UNHCR ɧ SLRCS ɡ á ¡Ȣ.  Ũ Ȣ Ȣ쨸¢ UNHCR Ĩ¸ Ȣθ.

UNHCR Award2

(է ӸȢ, 즸á 
Ө Ȣ էɢ )

Ǣ ¢ ۨ 쾢 Ţ էɢ ¾á Ӿ ââ.  측 ¡ â 츢 ýɡ  á ʸ.  ɿ¢ ǡ ž и Ӽ Ȣž ɸ â ž ׸ Ө ž 측 áâ.

ɢšŢ ŢơŢ ɢâ Ţվ Ţ էɢ ¡ , â ¢ ¡ UNHCR ¡Ǣ Ȣ.  ¢ 20 ռ ׸Ǣ ξġ Ҹ Ӹ 측 ¡ šŢ ȡ и ȡ.  ¢ ب¡ 򧾡 򧾡 ո ӧ ¡ ý ŢơŢ ȡ Ȣ¡ .

ĸ 츢 측 UNHCR  á ¢ Ȣ ٨ Ǣ ý է¢ â ӸǢ ŢƢҽ Ȣ츢ȡ ¡ Ȣɡ.

¢ ھ¢ ɡ UNHCR ¡ . , Ȣ ġ, . š, . ڡ, . ڡ, ¡, ¡â Ƣ Ш Ȣ Ţ.

Arunothini Speech in Geneva 
UNHCR Headquarters on 5 Dec 03:

"High Commissioner, Deputy High Commissioner, Directors, Senior Officials, Heads of Desks, Distinguished participants on the rostrum, Guests, Invitees, Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters. I am extremely happy to be in Geneva and to have the privilege of being honoured at this great occasion, through the grace of the Almighty, and I am happy that my long-term dream is coming to reality. 

Let me express my sincere thanks to the High Commissioner for having selected me for this prestigious award in recognition of the dedicated teamwork, and the true sprit of collective hard work with my colleagues in Trincomalee, and of all UNHCRs international and national staff based in Srilanka. 

I believe that it is the true collective commitment towards the goals of our mission, and the vision of UNHCR, that has shown me the right direction, and allowed me to win this award for work on behalf of women suffering as a result of the man made disaster that has taken place in Sri Lanka for more than two decades. 

It is been my nature since my childhood to be concerned and dedicated to human service. This began in my parents home. At all times, I try to take care of street beggars and children who come to my doorstep when they are in need. Whenever and wherever possible, I find satisfaction in spending time with them, seek to understand their plight, and my mind always strives to find remedies for their suffering. I never forget to give them at least a meal, as my parents taught me, based on their kind nature. 

I think it is these feelings that I have about human suffering and deprivation, that paved way for me to join UNHCR. I was destined and now feel privileged to be part of an organization committed to human service with special emphasis on gender welfare. 

During the last two years of my UNHCR service, I have watched for a change of attitude among the unfortunate displaced women in welfare centers and returnee villages, and I have encouraged their understanding and analysis of gender issues, while trying to reduce gender-based violence in their habitat. I have found myself to be increasingly committed to these kinds of gender intervention initiatives, and the hard work on these tasks becomes satisfying when I visible results through the awakening of new feelings amongst the women, and a new understanding of their rights to gender equity. 

As a consequence, women in welfare centers in Trincomalee are becoming equally representative in all walks of their lives, and especially enjoy the increased participation. The importance of this kind of visible impact has been supported and endorsed by all my fellow workers. 

Once again, I wish to emphasize that this award is not solely in recognition of my work, but a recognition of all the others in UNHCR Sri Lanka and of those partners I work with. 

Last but not least, I wish to express my sincere thanks to Neill Wright, Wallaya Pura, Jim Worrall, Brita Helleland, John Breusch, Simon Andrewartha, Nienke Kramer and other colleagues for their able guidance in my work and my career. I am truly blessed and privileged to be honoured at this historic event in Geneva to recognize gender interventions.. Thank you very much.

- Aruni -
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