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Vaikachelvi׸Ǣ ᆠ'R.P.Rajanayahem's letter to a feminist poet Some things are never meant to end!' Ψæ¡Ȣ ؾ¢. Ƣ â󧾡. ¢ ĸ Ǣ ŨŢɢ (Blog) Ţš . ʾ ¢. ᆠʾ򾢨, Ţš ̾¢ â âɡ Ţ ¢. ¡򾢨 󧾡. Ũ Ǣ¡ ŨŢ¢ Ψ¢ â츢ȡ. м Ȣ Ţš򾢨 ոȡ. Ȣ ľ Ţš ĸŢ Ţš ȡ. Ӹâ: http://360.yahoo.com/profile-s7HclVw8erKytPj0G.QV9MU-

Ţš Ȣ Ψ¡ 򾢨 þ âŢոȡ. Ȣ¢: 'As we all feel embarrassed,  please remove at once the highly objectionable & vulgar open letter by Mr. Rajanayahem to Vaigai Sevli which is not an article but an eloquent form of harasssment of women in the true sense.  If he is a real man of honour & culture, he must apologize to Vaigai Selvi & Thilaga Bama without defending himself sweetly in his foreign language.   Also please indicate in the front page of its location the reason for its removal. Please do not provide your literary Pathivukal WebSite as a platform to selfish people who want to show their suppressing power of one-sided wisdom to the world.'

򾢨 򾢨 â ȡ. ŨǸǢ á츢 츢 Ţš Ψø ׸Ǣ Ũ¨츨 â츢ȡ. Ũ¢ ɢ ̾ 츢 ոȡ. Ţ Ȣ ξ ɦ. ո 츧 ͸, ϸ Ţǡ վ Ţġ Ǣǡ á ¡ ĸ ĸ. 򾨸¦ Ģ Ǣ Ţ Ţɸ š θ Ţš áξâ. ç. š   , Ҹ Ψ¡ Ҹ . š ž Ҹ ɨŸǡ. Ţ ħ, Ţš ž ħ á츢 ǧ צ á츢ɾ Ţ иȡ.

þ ۦ ʾ 'I am surprised you did not comment on his wild words like Hypocrites, Psychos, Paranoid delusions,  Philistines etc.  The whole article  [100%]  is a personal attack, rather than an argumentative write up.  I wonder you call this a counter opinion & people are afraid to hear Rajayahem's point of view' ǡ. 

Hypocrites, Paranoid delusions.... Ţ úĢġ, 츢ġ á š. ɢ ȢǢ Ţ ΨøǢ š ç¡ á ġ. Ƣ ܼ Ţ ΨøǢ ', 'ﺸ ', '측', ' żâ',... ħ š ç¡ Ģ Ţ Ψø즸 ̨Ţħ. Ψ¢ ᆠ, ľ â, ͸á, ž, â ţ Ţ, ġâ¡, ç, á Ţ Ũ ̸ȡ. þ â áʦ Ţâ, ., ..á .á Ǣ Ҹ 츢 츢 ټ ȡ ϸȡ. š ç¡, ź ǢǢ ɢ ڸǡ վŢ. 'I dont have any personal vendatta against Bama at all' ŧ Ũ ȡ. ĦƢ¢ Ҹ Ǣ! Ҹ Ƣ . Ƣ ¢ ǢǢ ؾ Ҹ, ȢŢ , Ҹ Ţǡ âŢ. Ƣ Ǣ Ҹ째 ׸ â ̦ âŢ ȡ.

â ŨŢ¢ Ψ Ȣ ĸ Ȣǡ:  ' Ũ ḠŢ. ɢ Ţ â ȣ , 츢 ȡ. ¢. ¢츢ȡ. . 򾨾 ¡ ﺡ Ģ Ţ ½ Ч Ũ. Ũ Ţ Ȣ. Ţ á â .' Ũ Ţ¢ . - â -

I am not a frequent writer .....

-Vaikaiselvi -

I am not a frequent writer / visitor/reader to the Tamil web sites. I have started writing in the web sites only a few months ago. I am yet to learn the art of blogs . Time is the only constraint for me to learn certain techniques. Now a days I could notice petty literary quarrels and gossips either in the form of letters and articles or in the guise of literary criticisms. Such stuff do not contribute to literature in any way but only demean our own fellow writers. I consider writing , reading and replying to such stuff , is a mere waste of our precious time . But, I am now compelled to do an unpleasant job of offering my comments , on seeing Taboos...Ethics  

In Junior Vikatan dt. 13.7.2005, a reader has lamented and accused the authorities, saying broadcasting of cine songs with double meaning in a bus have put the women passengers in an embarrassing situation. What made him raise his voice in support of women? Which ails him? Since , he felt the pulses of fellow women, he cannot just shut up his mouth. His social consciousness made him take his sword and Thilagabama shares the platform with him in respect of literature. 

The magazines which have been continuously encouraging and motivating the writers to produce obscene writings are to be condemned by a woman like Thilagabama not as a poet, but as a representative of women folk. Viewing these writings as 'Porno' is only secondary. But picturisation of women, as lusty devils roaming here and there, with sex as the sole objective of their lives is highly objectionable. By giving such a fake image of a woman, the writers and poets purposefully put the dignity of women into question. Therefore first of all ,as a woman, not as a poet/writer Thilagabama has every right to oppose these kind of writings. 

Normally I will never give any rejoinder to any magazine or to any person even it affects me. I would like to cite one example. Sugitharani has published such a poem in Kalachuvadu, dedicating it to me. By that time the literary world has heard my clarion call against these type of obscene writings. Having known all these , Kalachuvadu published her poem with the post script of to Vaigai Selvi. Without ascertaining my consent for her dedication, they published it. Is it ethical ? Many of my literary friends advised me to sue either Suhirtharani or Kalachuvadu or both. I kept mum, not because I am holding a higher office of the Government, but because of my faith in God. God will surely take care of such things. 

Only certain modern writers are confused between sex and gender . When a passenger in a bus was able to understand the difference and got wild on hearing dirty lyrics , why not Thilagabama or Renganayaki or Vaigai Selvi for that matter ? They do not simply sit at home and write gimmicks but they deal with hundreds and thousands of women of all ages as a counselor, as a teacher, as a social worker, as a woman activist and what not? 

Let me ask a simple question. 

Could the author/supporter of the poem of masturbation , dare to teach it to her students/children explicitly ? Does any writer/supporter allow his wife or sister or daughter to indulge in amorous activities to satisfy their sexual urges like dogs openly ? When it cannot be done publicly, then why should anybody do that in literary masks.? This is not a question of inhibition or taboo or relilgion or morality or so called "Karpu".This is a matter concerned with a woman's modesty and esteem. If it is infringed , any woman will definitely raise hue and cry for a common cause. Thilagabama does only that. Atleast one woman has the guts to take up her cudgels against this sort of moral and cultural pollution which is creeping into literature. The magazines which promote such literature and the male writers who encourage such female writers have so far made certain women writers landed into filthy quagmire of politics and cheap popularity. . Their own writings have become snares for them. That is why Thilagabama cannot set aside these literary tactics . Otherwise more writers will metamorphose into owls making obscene telephone calls to women poets! 

A person is intolerant when his name is written by somebody with an unintentional spelling mistake. But he calls a woman of repute and respect as psycho and the tone of the entire mail carries a personal vendetta against Thilagabama . Dear Mr. Rajanayahem, this should not have come from a person of your caliber. Allegations or accusations or whatever it may be, should not be personalised. . Life or literature has its own rules. Let us have a fair play , atleast among friends.


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