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K.S.Sivakumaran Columns..!
Cultural Calendar!

Focus on Mattakalappu!

K.S.SivakumaranThamil poet and socially conscious scholar hailing from the eastern region of the country had not been duly recognized by academics and others from different regions. His name was A.Periyathambipillai. He was widely known as 'Pulavarmani', an appellation given to him for his scholarship. A native of Mattakalppu - Sivalingam Sivanirthananda, an assistant director of education has compiled his dissertation on Pulavarmani A. Periyathambipillai as a researched book. This was launched in Colombo as well as in Mattakalappu on July 09, 2005.

Another researcher from Mattakalppu is parliamentarian, K.Thangeswari of
the Thamil National Alliance. She obtained her degree in Archeology from
the University of Kelaniya and followed her lectures in Sinhala under
Prof.Senaka Bandaranaike. Her two books "Eela Mannar Kulakoattanin
Samaya, Samuthaya Panikal" (The Religious and Social contributions of
Lankan king Kulakoattan) and "Thamil Mannan Magoanin Mahathaana
Varalaaru"(The Grand History of the Thamil King Magha) were launched on
July 16, 2005 in Mattakalappu.

Also in Mattakalappu, another book by a native of this town was launched
on June 18, 2005. The title of the book is "Moolikai Mahathuvam" (The
Wonders of Herbal Medicine).The author was "Moolikai Vaenthan"
Ramanathan Kalavanan. He is a reputed Siddha Ayurvedic physician
practicing for more than 25 years.

A.Vimalaraj, is a visiting lecturer in Fine Arts in the Eastern
University. Having completed his honours degree in Fine Arts he and
obtained his M.Phil degree in Drama from the University Of Paandicheri
in southern India. He has acted and directed many plays. He has received
Gold and silver medals in competitions in inter-universities drama
competitions. His play "Avalukkentru" (Meant for Her) won the State
Drama Awards in many departments in 1999. He made a short film from his
scenario called "Kichchan", adapted from a story by Riyaz Ahamed
(Amritha Aaeyam).Daya Sooriyaarachchi was the cinematographer. Vimalaraj
spent one year learning filmmaking in Chennai. The film is about the
plight of children amidst the war situation. This was to be shown in
Colombo on August 13, but didn't take place

The Colombo Calendar!

N.P.Arulanandam launched his collection of short stories titled "Karuppu
Gnayiru" (Black Sunday). He is a prolific writer in Thamil and has
written some outstanding stories. His son's name is Suresh Joachim. He
has performed more than 27 achievements and registered his name in the
Guinness Book. Arulanatham's book was launched on Aaugust 14, 2005 at
the Kolumbu Thamil Sangam.

Also at the same venue, "Puthaka Panpattu Thiruvila" (A Festival of Book
Culture) was held on August 18, 2005.This was organized by "Deshiya
Kalai Ilakkiya Petavai"(National Arts and Literature Forum). Its head is
attorney dramatist, orator and actor A.Thevarajah. He presided over the
function, which included an exhibition and sale of books. Academics:
Emeritus Professor of Thamil, S.Thillainathan, Prof.S.Santhirasekaram,
Prof.S.Sivasegeram, Kumarasamy Somasundaram, Periyathambipillai
Vijayaratnam, Maavai Varothayan and Ira Sadagopan and V.Sivajothi and
others participated in this festival. There was also a 'Kavi Arangam"
(Recitation of Poetry) with Ilayathambi Dayananda, a veteran broadcaster
moderating. Poets, young and old participated. They were;
Ala.Bagirathan, V.Dinakaran, Maavai Varothayan, T.G.Meenilango,
Siva.Rajendran, A.Sadaagopan, Kinniya Ameer Ali, K.Thanikasalam,
S.Pannerchelvam and S.Thevarajah. Many appreciated the poetry and
recitation of Kinniya Ameer Ali, who was also a lucky winner of Fifty
Thousand Rupees lottery at the function.

A work by respected history Professor, S.Pathmanathan titled "Puradhana
Ilankayil Thamilum Thamilarum"(Thamil and Thamilians in Ancient Sri
Lanka) was launched recently. I missed that function. But on August 26,
2005, the learned academic who teaches History at the University of
Peradeniya delivered the Commemorative Lecture on the late Professor in
Thamil S.Vithiyananthan at the Kolumbu Thamil Sangam auditorium.
President of the Sangam, Kumarasamy Somasundaram presided.

Film by Lankan Canadian!

Lanka born Canadian Divviyarajan was in Sri Lanka early this month. He
was a popular broadcaster and TV performer in this country before he
emigrated to Canada. He is also a brilliant actor and singer. He has
made a film called "Saha". I missed seeing it being shown twice in
Colombo. The last screening was on September 02, 2005 at the Kolumbu
Thamil Sangam. I understand that this film deals with the relationship
of people uprooted from Sri Lanka. Well known former Lankan artistes now
living in Canada have contributed to this film as players. Poet Cheran's
lyric and other songs are included in this film.

A traditional poet and fiction writer Dr.Jinnah Sheriffdeen (son of
Pulavarmani Sheriffdeen from the eastern province) has retold the
fiction written by writer and Thamilnadu former Chief Minister,
M.Karunanidhi on Pandara Vanniyan of Lanka as an epic poem titled
"Pandaras Vanniyan Kaaviyam". His book was launched at the same venue on
September 04, 2005. Theivanayagam Pillai Easwaran of Eeeswaran Brothers
presided with Retired Justice C.V.Wigneswaran as chief guest.
Prof.S.Santhirasegeran, Thillai Nadarajah (Additional Secretary of the
Ministry of Education), V.A.Thirugnanasundaram (Media Advisor), Hashim
Omar (Businesss Magnate and philanthropist), Kavimaamani Ahalangan and
Kambavarithi Jeyaraj participated. Satsorupavathy Nathan and B.H.Abdul
Hammed were the masters of Ceremony. Meenaksi Venkateshan sang some of
the poems from the book.

'Payil Nilam' (Training Field) is a publication of social conscious
youngsters. They presented on September 09, 2005 at the Kolumbu Thamil
Sangam a novel visual documentation of actualities happening in
September on the aftermath of the war. They called it "September
Ninaivuhal" in Thamil and in French " Memoir de September"

A.N.Kanthasamy's Thamil Play 
on Religious Conversion!

A.N.Kanthasamy, a progressive writer in Thamil and English wrote a play
in the 1960s on religious conversion. It was a controversial play then.
The late Sillayoor Selvarajan (a multifaceted writer) and other
prominent stage players at that time acted in this play. It was called
'Martha Mata" (Change of Religion).He was also a reputed fiction writer,
poet and critic, and translator. He translated Emilie Zola's "Nana"

On September 11, 2005 adapted some changes to ANK's script and staged it
with new players that have made a name for themselves on the stage and
TV. This play received some awards at the recently held Thamil Drama
festival. I couldn't make it to know how the play went on boards. Should
have done well!

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