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Subject: [Bulk] Thimiru Mp3s Released !

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Subject: Premier Dalton McGuinty's Web
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Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2006 1:59 AM
Subject: hello
â Ž. ׸Ǣ Ȣ Ψø Ǣ .


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Subject: Punishment in Chennai schools - A study' -MANITHAM REPORT
Manitham, a human rights organisation based in Chennai, India and working to promote Human Rights and Protecting Environment. Ms. Tashi Yangzom Bhutia, 4th year Law Student, Bangalore recently joined as internship student with us. Manitham ask her to submit an independent assignment reg. with,'Corporal Punishment in Chennai schools - A study'. With our support after taking survey, she submitted the report and the same report has been attached with this mail in .pdf format for your reference. This report is also available with our Manitham web site @ http://www.tamilinfoservice.com/manitham/report/corporalpunishmentchennai.pdf
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Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2006 1:02 PM
dear Mr.Giri here is the material on vadakku vaasal music festival to be held on 14th, 15th and 16th july 2006 at Delhi Tamil Sangam - Thiruvaluvar Auditorium, New Delhi. I shall be grateful if you could kindly published the attach the pdf material on pathivukal.
NEW DELHI-110 055
From: Karumaiyam Arts Group
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 11:13 PM
Subject: Re: Karumaiyam Announcement For 2006 Theate event
Thank you so much for publishing the Karumaiyam announcement.  We are appreciate your service. thanks
From: Arun Sivakumaran
To: editor@pathivukal.com
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 9:39 AM
Subject: Thank you
â Ž, â측 ɢ Ȣ.

From: Arun Sivakumaran
To: editor@pathivukal.com
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 1:57 PM
Subject: Canadian Tamil cinema
â â Ž! ħ â  Ţ ׼ 즸ٸ. ɢ Ţ ؾ.Ȣ.


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Subject: chandran
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From: ciththan cengkaLLu
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 7:10 AM
Subject: Artical on a book release of Ranjini's poems
Ģɢ Ǣ£ Ţơ Ȣ Ψ м 츢. ǡɡ ¨š. ɡ Ģ ɢ¡ 츢. Ψ ɧ blog š. http://ciththan.blogspot.com

From: K.S. Sivakumaran
Date: Friday, April 28, 2006 1:52 AM
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com
Subject: Re: sweeping statements are most slanderous

K.S.SivakumaranDear Ms. Ramakrishnan Latha: Greetings. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a response to my observations sent to Pathivugal. Thank you. Let me make two observatios in the first plce:

One: Your Knowledge of contemporary Thamil Liteature is astounding.
Two:  Your style of writibg in English is befitting.

Here are my responses to your criticisms of my piece: If you think that my generaliations on Little Magazines are tantamount to ' worst form of slander ', its o.k. Maybe, I should have explained in detail my premises. Since I wanted only to spotlight what I felt was obvious, I briefly confined myself to the basics. Anyway, I take your findings that mine were 'sweeping statements'

However, I still hold that some of the poets in Thamilnadu have been overated and that includes former Lankan writer Dharuma Civaramoo. It's true some of the latter's poems had memorable lines and yet a few had freshness of seeing things in different lights. But the main point is that his contribution as a short story writer outshines his role as a poet or a ' literay critic'

I think you misunderstood what I said about the 'Little Magazines'. Earlier  literary magazines did contribute to the enrichment of contemporary Thamil literature, but with the quarrel between the two people referred accelerated the ugly scene of attacks bordering on slander. You may disagree. At the sametime  the unwelcome tendency, a few current 'Little Magazines'   were discreet and maintained the standards  Credit, true, should be given to those journals.

I agree with you that if I don't read these magazines, I stand to lose. I shall try to keep abrest with these magazines whih are not readily available in my litle island. Again, there is a misconception on your part in equating my comments to the anarchical tendencies of both writers - Dharma Civaramoo and Venkat Swaminathan  - to  a comparison of both of them as literary figures. I did not compare their relative literary merits. I only referred to their peronal vendetta for each other.

Thank you for enlightening me on Venkat Swaminathan's recent writings, which I learn from you, are a continuum  of his old practice of unfair judgements. In the same breath, we must acknowledge the fact that we cannot totally dismiss the individual psitive contributions of both of them in the field of Thamil writing.

It was refreshing to read an intelligent response from a sensitive reader. I thank you for that.

Incidentally, I have a feeling that I wrote to you sometime back on the suggestion of Pathivugal Editor, Mr.V.N.Giritharan on some matter regarding e-zine, but I wasn't lucky enough to get a reply from you. I wish to contribute in Thamil as well, but unfortunately, I cannot type in Thamil. Hence I write in English only to ' Pathivugal '

With Kind regards

P.S.:  Please read my book in Thamil ( published by Manimekalai Prasuram  of Chennai) titled " India-Ilankai Ilakkiyam -Oru Kannottam" for an article on Dharuma Civaramoo. The same publishers published a book where I express my own interpretation or understanding of 'Literary Criticism'.The title of the book is " Thiranaivu Entra Enna?"


From: "ramakrishnan latha" <ramakrishnanlatha@yahoo.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>; <ramakrishnanlatha@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2006 12:16 AM
Subject: sweeping statements are most slanderous

Latha Ramakrishnandear Mr.Sivakumaran and the Editor of Pathivukal, Greetings. I happened to read your (Mr.Sivakumaran's) letter expressing concern over slander-campaign in the name of literary criticism. While the concern is shared, some of your observations do not go well with your concern. Such sweeping statements as 'Pramil is not a poet at all'  and that Tamil Little Magazines nurture and thrive on slanderous campaigns are but worst form of slanderous campaign. Over the years and against all odds and with absolutely  no official patronage  the Tamil Little Magazines have been contributing a lot towards the enrichment of Modern Tamil Literature. It is unfair to overlook all those and make them appear to be as harbingers  and storehouses of nothing but slanderous campaigns and personal attacks. Mr.Sivakumaran has the liberty to stop reading Tamil Little Magazines. But, he should know that the loss is more his. And , his comparing Mr.Venkat Swaminathan with poet Pramil is rather unwarranted and unfair, for Poet Pramil was primarily a creative writer. Also, Mr.Sivakumaran makes it appear that of the two Mr.Venkat Swaminathan is better and that of late he has stayed above personal prejudices in his critical evaluations, which is not at all true. To cite an instance, in one of his recent publication - a collection of  critical essays he has chosen to give only his attacks, remarks and observations and not the fitting rejoinders to them that have followed suit. Same way, in one of the recent issues of 'Kaalam', while going ga-ga over Poet Rajamarthandan's 'anthology of Modern Tamil Poems, Mr.
Venkat Swaminathan observes that there are those who ask the poets themselves to send their 'best-poems' and such compilations would prove to be the mixture of dish in the bowl of the beggar. He may have his aversion against those who leave the selection in the hands of the poets themselves while those concerned may believe that the poets know best which is their best, but in his fervour to attack  'this approach' the way he brings in the beggar and his bowl with not the least social concern doesn't speak well on his worthiness as a critic. On the other hand, Poet Pramil's many poems champion the cause of the underprivileged. There is nothing wrong in discussing matters threadbare. And those who indulge in personal attacks will be exposing their own calibre and if required they should be exposed by others. Such strong approaches also have a place in critical evaluation. So, one cannot categorize all such strong-worded literary wranglings as unwanted and unwarranted. Lots to say on this issue. But, i conclude for  the time being with a simple suggestion- why not make the 'English Section' open to all? 

regards/latha ramakrishnan
[Dear Latha Ramakrishnan, thanks for your comments. We have no intention to open an English section to all at the moment. We will only be publishing english entries from those who aren't capable of typing their pieces in Tamil. Howvever we have no objection in starting an English section if any one is able to pose as the editor for this portion of 'Pathivukal'.- editor]

From: "Puvanendren eelanathan" <eelanathan@hotmail.com>
To: <gnav@rogers.com>
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 9:59 PM
Subject: Re: vanakkam

Feedback׸ Ƣ Ǣ ĸ Ψ¢ ؾ ȢҸ Ţ ž . ġ 츢 Ž측 Ž š Ţ Ӿ¡ о ĸ . Žǡ ﺢ š Ш Ũ¢ â ĸ . ǡ ¢ ¢ ¡ ɡ ġ ħ¡ ﺢ¡ ɡ â¡â Ө¡? Լ ĸ ġ Ţ ĸ Ţ Ȣ츢ȡ


ĸ Ǣ â ĸ Ţ ¨ ǡ Ȣ â즸 ȡ. šȡ Ҿ Ƣ Ǣ Ψ. Ţ ơ⨠Ȣ ĸ о 򾾢 ý. [, ĸ 򾢨 ̨ Ţ. 'Ш, ĸ. Ǣ Ҹ, Өȸ Ө¡ ɧ Ƹɧ 츢 Ĩ þ ŢĦ ¡է ġ. Ȣ ǢǢ Ҹ, Ȣ 츢 ǢǢ Ҹ٧ Ţ ž 򾨸 Ǣ ̨ Ţθ' Ȣ¢ . ɧž 'ҸǢ ׸ Ũ¢ Ш ĸ. Χ Ũ¢ Ţ 츢 Ĩ ϸŢĦ Ȣ 츢 ̨ â. 츢 ̨¢ Ţ Ţ Ũ 츢 ĸ þĢҸǡ վ Ǹ м ¨ Ţ о ' Ȣ¢󧾡. 򾨸 Ǣ ɡ , 򾢨, 츢ȡ. ŧ, Ө¢ħ ǢȢ Ţŧ - â].

ĸ Ţ ¢ Ũ 즸 ¢ Ȣ ̨ ȸ Ȣ. [ɡ ̨ȸǡ 𼨾 â¢󧾡. Ţ Ӹ ¢󧾡..- â]

ĸ Ž . Ȣ ¡측 ĸ ġ Ţ Ц ġɸ ĸ 쨸Լ [ Ȣ. ɡ Ш է. Ψ¢ âŢ и á츢 Ţ . ¡ иǡ վ. - â-]



From: K.S. Sivakumaran 
To: V.N. Giritharan 
Sent: Saturday, April 01, 2006 8:07 AM
Subject: Literary Criticism or Slanderous Condemnation?

K.S.SivakumaranThank you very much for including my contributions in English in your much patronized website. As a very useful e-zine, it introduces several aspects of contemporary Thamil cultural scene to the world at large. My dear friend, I cannot  type in Thamil even now. If only I could type in Thamil, I can send by e-mail my cotributons in Thamil to your respected website.

In the name of literary criticism a few write in bad taste. This is because they understand the word 'criticism or vimarsanam' as condemnation and slander. It's for this reason, I don't use the word ' vimarsanam' to decribe my pieces. I prefer 'Thiranaivu' instead. And since I write literary columns having in mind the uninitiated, i call myself 'Paththi Eluthaalar'.

Attacking each other in too personal a manner started in Thamilnadu with Venkat Swaminathan and Tharuma Civaramoo in the late 1960s.They were both my friends. One has passed away. I never considered Tharumas civaramu as a literary critic or a poet. But I felt he had some original ideas as an essayist. Venkat Swaminathan was a avery widely read man in English as well, and he had his own way of writing critical notes, but he too gave  a lot of weightage to condemnation than appreciation. However in his latterly pieces, he seems to have got rid of the bent on personal attacks.

The trend initiated then by Venkat Swaminathan and Tharuma Civarmu led to a ugly scene ravishingly follwed by ' little magazines' in Thamilnadu. Since then I stopped reading Thamilnadu 'Little Magazines'.This has resulted in the younger generation in Thamilnadu not knowing me. Lankan Thamil younger generation in their absense of knowledge in English took as models the Thamilnadu Little Magazine 'critics' and started writing in that fashion- viz- condemnation is equal literary criticism.

This is my point of view. There would be many of your readers who would not agree with my observations. I can only salute them for their views and wouldn't argue with them.

What prompted me to write this letter- you may publish it, -if it serves a purpose or ignore it - was my reading the page allocated to your correspondents.

My request: Please do not entertain slanderous material unless critical observations are supported with evidences. ( You have rightly said this already in your editor's note)

Best wishes to all

Colombo, Sri Lanka
April 01, 2006

From: Gunalinee Thayananthan 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 9:10 AM
Subject: A letter and a notice

â '׸' â,
Ž. ռ ħ ռ á ŢơŢá θ ڸ Ȣ ȢŢ 츢. Ƣ¡ θǢĢ ¡ ռ ¢  Ƣ Ȣ âŢ Ţơ .Ģ ;   ռ ȢŢ Ƣ â ȡ. Ȣ.


To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 10:09 PM

kindly find attached, the program for NIGAZHVUGAL - from Vadakku Vaasal, New Delhi.
I shall be grateful if you could kindly bring this in PATHIVUKAL.

A Tamil Monthly magazine
5210, Basant Road
Near Karnail Singh Stadium
Paharganj, New Delhi-110 055.
Phones: 011-55858656/9313302077
e-mail: vadakkuvaasal@gmail.com

From: p.thedchanamoorthy 
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Cc: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 6:55 AM
Subject: poems

׸ â , ʸǢۧ š . ׊Ģ¡Ţ ź â ׸ . Ţ š ׸ . ý: Ӹ Ǽ. ׸Ǣ Ţš Ȣ ŢšǢ ٨ š. š è š ɢɢ Ţ ܼ . 񼦾 ʾ ؾ צ ý

측 Ţ ɢ Ţ ¢. Ţ Ǣ ̾ š о Ө â. ը Ţ . ɧ Ţ Ȣ ȢӸȢ Ҹ

Ǣ¢ .Ǣ¢Ŧɢ Ƹ Ţ Ȣ Ǣ¢ θ.

ġ Ţ Ψø ââ Ǣ.Ţ Ţ ,š Ǣ Ǣ. ġ źո


[ Ȣ. ׸Ǣ ħ ǢǢ վ Ǣ. Ţ ׸Ǣ Ǣ¡.- â-] 

From: I. ISHAQ 
To: pathi 
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 8:46 PM
Subject: Thai idaz patri

â ׸ â Ž. м Ţ Ȣ Ҿ '''' Ţ¢ Ȣ ȢӸ . ׸Ǣ Ǣ¢ .


"thamizum naamum vERalla
thamizh thaan namakku vEr"
pEsa//+971 50 3418943
paarkka. http//www.iishaq.blogspot.com

From: DJ Tamilan 
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2006 2:19 PM
Subject: IYalViruthu(Revised one)

Ţ - 2005: Ţ, (ɢ) Ţ!
-ʧ -

ռ측 Ţ (2005) 츢 â측Ţ áâ . Ţվ Ţ, 측 Ţ¢ 򾡧ġ áââ ¡ 򨾧¡ ھĢ츧 ġ .

â측 Ţ, ¡ Ȣ Ţ ç ŢҸ. 츢 Ţէ , ¡ŢĢ 츢š Ǣ ɸ (, 򾸦Ǣ£) Ũ¢ Ţâ 츢 ŢǢ Ţ . áâ ($1500) šŢ Ȣž. , ŢǢ Ũ, á ȡ ɢ¡ á Ţơ Ţ . Ţ, Ţ θȡ ¡á θȡ Ũ ø 츢. Ţ 측 Ţ(nomination form) š Ө θ. ̨ ¡ ¡ ġ ¡ âШ nomination form 츢ȡ ¡ 츧. á Ţ 츧 ɧ 측 nomination forms ¢츢ȡ Ţ Ţơ ȡ ¡ â.

Ţ Ţ Ȩ ɢ ǡ ɢ á ž Ȣ Ţ ž ( Ƣ츢 ¡ Ţ Ǣ Ũ Ţ Ǣ ڸ Ţ). ɡ Ţ -ɧ Ө- Ȣ â, á񧼡 Ƹ south asian studies ¡ Ţ ӨȨȢ, ¡ Ţ â¢츢Ȧ Ҹ. , .Ģ ¢¢ ( 츢) ɼŢ  츢 Ţи ӨȨ Ȣ ؾ Ħ Ψè š š â, ġĨ ¡ Ţ ܼ о.

From: paavannan bhaskaran 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 6:51 AM
Subject: From Paavannan

Anbulla Nanbarukku, Vanakkam., Today , i received three no. of photos from you through attachement. But, as the files contained virus, I could not open it. As there was no letter also, i could not make out why the photos are sent to me. If anything required, you can mail me.

With regards

[ ؾ¢. Ȣ : Ţ ʾ ŢĦ. Ŧġ ÊǢ Ţ¡츧. Ȣ ׸Ǣ ȢӸ Ψ Ǣ󾧾. Ê ʾ 򾡧, Subject â 򾡧, š ŢŢ. Ţ ʾ Ӹâ¢Ģ ܼ ġ. 򾨸 ʾ 񼡧 ¡ Ƣ Ţ. ¢츽츢 ʾ š ո. , Ƣ Ţθ.- â]

From: organisers booklaunch 
Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2006 8:49 AM
Subject: thanks

Dear friends, The event of Books launch has been a success. Please kindly accept our gratitude in rendering your support in one way or the other. 
Thanks on behalf of the writer Mrs. Jayanthi Sankar.

Best wishes,

From: thilaga bama 
To: va.na.giri Giri
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 8:16 AM

http://mathibama.blogspot.com/ dear friends please visit this site


From: S. Jayabarathan jayabarat@tnt21.com
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Cc: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 2:38 PM
Subject: Did you get this one? - Let Us Liberate Thamizh

Dear Giritharan, N.K. Mahalingam's article supports my point of view of Liberating Thamil.  His article gives some new creative ideas & insight to the Pure Thamilar & present day Thamilar.  But I have one question why some Thamilars write Toronto as  "roRaanro in Thamil, as it is in his article also?   Which phonotics do they follow for the letters T, R, r ?  I see this [roRaanro] only in Srilankan Thamil magazines. 


From: Riya Sengupta <riya.sengupta@123india.net>
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 4:41 AM
Subject: Pathivukal.com & 123india.com

I happened to visit your site, www.pathivukal.com , and I really think it is a great site.  The idea of such a comprehensive site catering to so much information and news for all the online Tamil viewers in their own language is really worth appreciation..In this age, when cricket is becoming one of the most popular sports in the world, and a favorite among Indians, I am sure your visitors would also love,  to remain updated about what's happening in that field. We would be glad if you give us a chance to serve your viewers with the latest match updates. We have a cricket section with live score-cards and other features (cricket.123india.)   Our site details are : http://cricket1.123india.com/archive/SAvNZ_ODI_6thNovember2005.html We look forward to you visiting our site. Thanking you for your time and hoping to hear from you soon.

Have a nice day!

Kind regards
Riya Sengupta
123india.com Cricket 

From: ranji(swiss) 
To: editor pathivukal ; editor pathivukal 
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 3:47 AM
Subject: Child rape from batticola

츨 Ǣ¢ Ţ Ģ ! 

- սá () -

Art by Vasuki

츨 Ǣ¢ ӊĢ ç 14 Ţ ǻǡ 𧼡Ţ Ģ ǡ. ӊģ ǻ 츨 Ȣ Ģ â¡ ..â¡á âŢ. Ȣ âž:- Ȣ Ţ, ȡ ը ռ ʺ ɡ ɡ 츨 ţ 3 ¢ Ţ ţ Ģ ¢ Ȣʸ. ¢ 7.00 Ţ Ţ ʿ ո š측 𧼡Ţ ǻ Ũ Ǣ¢ ç ţȢ Ģ â. Ţ ȡ 츨 Ȣ Ģ Ө¢𼨾 Ȣ ţ ڨ¢ ӊģ ǻ . Ţ. 󧾸 츨 Ǣ ¢ âո. Ţ ƨ â측 츨 º¢ ǡ.

08 Nov.2005

From: DJ Tamilan 
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 8:27 PM
Subject: Response to Jeyapalan

... ɢ Ȣ ( )!

-ʧ -

... Ȣ Ţ ¡ ¡ Ȣ¢ Ȣ츨 ؾ .

(1) 'ʧ, Ȣ 츢 ؾǡ' Ȣ𼨾 ټ .. θ. Ũ šǢ ﺡ 츧Φ   Ţ Ģ ⧾. Ţ 츢 Ţâ¡ Ǣ¡ .. Ţ. ʧ Ҩɦ Ţ즸 â ɧ Ө Ţ Ţ ( .., Ţ ŢԼ ׸ Ţš ھ¡ Ţš ). Ȣ â, ɢ 㢠'ʧ ¡?' á ¡š Ģġ է . ׸ â , ռ Ҩɦռ â. .. â curiosity Ģ (dj_tamilan25@yahoo.ca)ϸ ..âɢ . â , 'Ţ' Ƣ Ũ ڧ Ţ¾ ¢ġ Ȣ Ţθ.

(2//Ţ ʦ ۼ ¡ áθ.  //
â 츢. .. â á ؾ¢ġ. ۼ Ţ 򦾡Ҹǡ Ũ 󾾢. Ũ ¡ æ¡ Ө .׼ɡ (2000) 츢. ɡ ռ ȢӸ â¡ ¾ Ţ. ɢ 㢠''¢ ɽ Ȣ áç. ... 츢 ؾ§ , '¡ â' 측 ¢ 츢.

(3)... 츢  ɡ ؾ츢 측Ţ, 츢 á Ҹȡ 즸ġ Ǣ.

(4) ھ¢ Ţ Ţ ... ̨š 츢 Ţ, Ũ Ǣ뼡 (ɢ Ǣ ) Ħ Ǣ¡ 츢. 츢 ﺡɡġ þ ɡ ק ̨ž.


[ ʦŢ, ׸ Ţš '츢 ' ¢ 19 . Ţ Ţ âŢ. Ȣ ' ' ؾ¨ 𼾡 . ' ' âŢ Ţ Ģ ɢ ţ Ө? ɢ ɼ ¡ ? Ģ ׸Ǣ Ţš򾢨 ȡ ǡ иȡ. м ¢ Ţ ŢΧš. Ȣ âŢ 째 ( visjayapalan@yahoo.com) - â]

From: "Jayapalan" <visjayapalan@yahoo.com>
To: "NAVARATMAM GIRITHRAN" <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 2:38 AM
Subject: DepavaL Wal vAzththukkalOdu

Ҿ ɢ ׸ټ ç!

- Ţ ... -

V.I.S.Jeyapalanâ â, ɡ Ţ â¡ ؾ â 츢¾ Ȣ. ׸Ǣ Ǣ¡ ʾ ʾ . ġ ŢǢ  âŢ. ɢ Ţ ؾ¢. Ц " ׸ ââ ; 츢. ââ "  . ¢ . Ǣ¢ 𼾢 . 츨 Ģ ¢ Ȣ 츢 Ţ 측 ո.

1. ââ Ψ¢ Ȣ ŢŢ    

2. Ţ ʦ, , Ţġ ¡ â Ȣ â ¨ Ǣ¢о Ө. [ . ʦ Ţ ɧ¡ ¡ â¡. ʦŢ Ӹâ Ǣ . Ţǡ Ţ! ¡ ġ- â]

3. Ţš ڸ . ڸ 쨸 âռ.
[׸ ﺢ¢ âáŢ , áâ ž . 󿢨¢ Ţš ! ¡á Ө¢𼨾 Ө¢ 쨸 . Ţ . -â]

â, Ţ 츢ȣ. Ȣ ׸Ǣ ռ ¡ . Ǣ ؾŢ. . ɢ Ȣ š ʾ ؾ¢ġ. ڸ Ȣ Ģ ħ¢ Ǣ â â ŧ Ȣ ɢ Ģ. Ţ ʦ ۼ ¡ áθ.  . ټ Ƣ ս ͨ¡ ׸ǡ . ʼ ɡ Ţﻡ 츨 Ţ . ¡ ȢҸǢ ؾ. ۨ ɸ â 캢𧼡 Ȣ ׸ ɨ. ɡ , ʦ, , Ţġ ǡ ؾ Ţ ¡ 츢. '׸' Љç¡ ¡ ھ Ӹ Ȣ š. ɺ ̸ ž. Ţ ʦ ׊Ģ , Ţ ¡ . м Ţ ŢŢġ. ġŢ ʾ â. Ħ Ţ ۼ , ħ¢ ҦŨ Ţ Ţ. Ҿ ɢ ׸ǡ ç.


From: "ponniah karunaharamoorthy" <karunaharamoorthy@yahoo.ie>
To: "Na Va" <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 12:16 PM
Subject: 04:03 Font: Inaimathi-TSc

. իŢɢ 04:03 . â ŢĢ ¢â. Ţ š! 󿢸 Ţý Ţ Ƹ ĢȢ Ȣ. 

1. Ũ Ǣ 򾢧.
2. 즸.
3. .
4. ŢЧ.
5. Ţ.
6. ţš .
7. ź ¢
8. ʸ ..
9. ź .

žĢ ҿ/þĢ θȧ Ţ Ţ impact šá Ţθ. Ţ þâ ¡?  Ţ ɡ ? Ţ Ţ 츢¾? ? š 츢 Ţ. Ǣ Ţ ħŨ¢ 째 04:03 츢 ž
 ŧ 츢. ¢Ģ á Ţɢ ¢ Ţ 츢¢츧 ¡. 츢 Ţ 󧾸мɧ ؾǡ. ( Ǣ ɡ ġ).

Ǣ without attachment and detachment 츧 . Ţ Ţý áŢ ž ¡ Ǣ ׿ 츢 hybrid ȡ, š Ψæȡ Ţ. 
ɡ  Mr.Kuruaravinthan?

.ս, Ģ. 27.10.2005

From: <jayabarat@tnt21.com>
To: <editor@pathivukal.com>
Cc: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 9:03 AM
Subject: My Bharathidasan & Science Articles

 Dear Giritharan, As November 1 has arrived you have uploaded several new articles even before that date, except my Bharathidasan & science articles. Hope you find time to upload them.


From: "ramesh santhi" <rameshsanthi@googlemail.com>
To: <editor@pathivukal.com>
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 4:20 PM
Subject: uyir vaasam notice

Ҩ£! â θ.

ç ɢ

From: ravi/ranji(swiss) ranr@bluewin.ch
To: editor pathivukal 
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 3:20 PM
Subject: article

ɡâ Ţ Ũ¡ â Ţ!

Anar's Book:ɡâ Ţ Ũ¡ â Ţ! Ǣ Ţ . Ţơ  28 4 Ӿ ŧ ȢŢ.   ɡ â ÿ . ŢơŢ Ĩ ǡ. Ţơ ɢ Ţ ¢ ɡ ؾ "Ţ Ũ¡ â" , ġ ؾ " " Ţ â â .

ڸ ¢ . á ؾ "Ӹâ θȡ" ڸ ¢ Ţ ؾ " " ¢ áĢ ؾ "", 츢 ¢ . ̽ ؾ "ţ Ǣ" 츢 ¢ . ؾ " â"   â â .

From: THUVAKKU Ilakkiya Amaippu thuvakku@yahoo.com
To: pathivu 
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 1:57 AM
Subject: Nandri 

ɢ ׸ â , Ţ Ȣ ȢŢ Ǣ¢   ġ Ȩ ި Ȣ... Ǣ ġɸ Ҹ....

From: "Buhari A" <buhari@gmail.com>
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 1:20 PM
Subject: An Invitation for October 1, 2005







âɢ è

Ģ ֺ
Ţ ͸

¡ ȡ
짼 Ȣ
͸ á

Ҽ Ҹâ

From: <editor@thozhi.com>
To: <editor@pathivugal.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 10:21 AM
Subject: Press release: first Tamil women's ezine launched!

We, Media Message Inc., are happy to announce the launch of the first ever Tamil ezine for women - thozhi.com (http://www.thozhi.com).

Please find attached a press release on the same. We'd be grateful if you could
carry this information on your website.

thozhi.com team

From: "Buhari A" <buhari@gmail.com>
To: "NAVARATMAM GIRITHRAN" <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 12:06 PM
Subject: Pathivukalil....

ɢ â, Ƹ ŨħȢ¾ Ȣ.

Ҽ Ҹâ

From: Kaanthalakam tamilnool@dataone.in
To: editor@pathivukal.com <editor@pathivukal.com> 
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 2:54 AM
Subject: Pa. Vijay's Titles

Kavignar Pa. Vijay's NEW TITLES 
brought to you by TAMILNOOL.COM

Karsilambu Osaiyile Vol 1, 2
Kannadik kalvettukal
Inthach chippikul
Nizhalil kidaitha nimmathi
Thurikai thuppakkiyakirathu
18 Vayasula
Pa. Vijay padalkal Vol 1, 2
Nandavanathu natchathirangal
Write to us with your postal address to place your orders.

Thanks and Regards

From: THUVAKKU Ilakkiya Amaippu 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 5:19 AM
Subject: kavithai potti arikkai

׸ Ƣ â â Ž šи. Ǣ  츢 Ţ¢ ܼ. ¾ ڼ 󧾡 š쨸 측 Ţ¢ ǡ. ¢ Ȣ¡á Ţ Ȣ  ǡ Ţ ġ, Ţ . , Ţ . ɽ Ţ ǡ.

Ȣ ¢ Ǣ Ƣ Ǣ¢ Ţ ¢ Ţ Ƣ Ҽ θȡ. м Ţ Ȣ쨸 ǡ Ǣ 측. θ, Ȣ էš. 

Ƣ , Ш 쨸 . Ǣ , Ģ Ƣ측 ġȢ Ǣ šи âŢ즸ȡ.


, 츢

From: thilaga bama 
To: pathivukal 
Cc: eknath ; thinnai 
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 2:17 PM
Subject: potti arivippukal

ɸ â !

Ÿ þ 츢 ,   ¡ 2005 측 . ɸ â !

2004 â Ӿ 204 ʺ Ǣ Ţ Ҹ 2 þ

. .  â !

2004 â Ӿ 2004 ʺ Ǣ ո Ҹ 2 þ 15 Ҹ


. ĸ
þ 츢

15/1 Ӹ á


Cc: giritharan VN 
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 9:24 AM
Subject: Poem

Dear Buhari, Congratulations. I liked your poem which contained an unusual subject. I also thank Giritharan for publishing it.


From: ravi/ranji(swiss) 
To: editor pathivukal ; editor pathivukal 
Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2005 9:48 AM
Subject: article

13 Ģ. Ţâר¡ !

¡ Ƹ Ţâר¡ .â.Ģ 󾾢¢ Ţâר 즸츢ȡ. ţΧŨ측 츢ȡ. Ħ Ȣ¢츢ȡ. ﺢ ɧ . Ģâ š "â" 40 Ө̧ Ģ ¾ ڸȡ. 13. ¢ .

á 즸 츢 ¡ Ƹ â. , ɿ¸ ƨ, 𨼨 츢. ź¡ Ħ á á â ǢЦ. Φ 츢. ׸ Ũ ĸ ġ ú â즸á Ծ Ţ Ө.

ɧ Ǣ ¢. ? ʨ¢Ģ Ƹ Ũ ġ . Ծ ŧá šý. Ƣ ӾĢ â, Ţ âЦ . Ţ; Цǡ Ө ڸ. 
šŢ ܼ ġ ţΧŨ측 ӨȨ šŢ ̸. ¡ ¢ ɡ Ƣ 츢. Ũ šȡ Ģ 츢. âá Ţθ. Ţ ʨ Ө¢ θȡ. 즸; Ţξ -Ģ ȡ- Ҩ â.

Ģ 츦Ȣ¢ Ũâ. ¢ Ţ 츢 측á. ¡ â. 㢠š ɡ츢 Ȣ¢ Ȣ£. Ţâר Ҩ ġȢ Ȣ 츢 . 

From: "valady vaidya" <valady.vaidya@gmail.com>
To: <editor@pathivukal.com>
Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2005 12:04 PM

Dear brother Thiru Giridharan, I am writing this letter from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am a retired railway official and I was very much delighted when I saw your magazine through internet. Your contribution to Tamil loving people is really great. Canada has recognized very great SEYAL VEERARGAL like you .

Yours truly, 

K Vaidyanathan 

K Vaidyanathan,
Mg Director, 
Rama Pulications Pvt Ltd

From: "Buhari A" <buhari@gmail.com>
To: "NAVARATMAM GIRITHRAN" <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 10:00 AM
Subject: Re: Ţ

ɢ â, ׸Ǣ 򧾡 Ţ¢, Ţɢ 񧽡򧾡, â ׸Ǣ š á . Ȣ.

اӾ Ũ ¾. Ţ ¡. âġ. ɢ.

ɡŢ¡ ¾ȡ ̽ ھ Ţ  ھâ¾. ȡ ¾. Ũ .

Ģ (š) ¾. ââ. Ţ .

Ƣ á Ţɢ ħ Ģ. ȡ . ȡ . ȡ Ţ . ɢ ȡ .

â쨸¡Ǣ â ɢ ھ š Ţ ġ.

ɢ 򨾧 Ƣ ¨ ɢ ž ?

̽ â ¡Ǣ/ɡŢ¡측 θ. θ.

ɢ . ׸ǡ и ġ.

Ҽ Ҹâ 

From: BPC Publicity  publicity@thebpc.ca
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2005 1:50 PM
Subject: Thank-you
Dear Mr. Girithran, Thank you for placing Freedom to Read Weeks call for submissions in your publication. The Freedom to Read journal focuses on issues of censorship in Canada and around the world and we appreciate your help in calling attention to our work.

Best Regards,

Jennifer Lynch
Projects Coordinator
Book and Periodical Council
(t) 416-975-9366, (f) 416-975-1839
(e) publicity@theBPC.ca

From: ELangovan N 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Cc: nayanmars@yahoo.com 
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 9:20 AM

Ҩ â, ۨ "áŢ ¢ š - ?" Ψ¢ ƨ .Ţ. ɢ Ģ ɡ.

Ψ¢, "ب¡ šǡ š /ǡ (á Ţ) Ģ â." Ģ¢.

.š š š ب¡ ¢츢ȡ . âŢ. Ȣ , š ǡ š ب¡ θǢ Ǣ¢ , š . 

Ȣ ŧ, 측 и.


From: S. Jayabarathan
Date: 07/29/05 14:38:04
To: editor@pathivukal.com
Subject: Your Recent Editorial Note

Dear Giritharan, Since I want to write to you, I am not sending this to Thilga Bama's Blog.   I am not commenting anything against the arguments of Rajayanahem. 

1.  He has not indicated the replies of Vaigai Selvi first as a preface to his letter, as you have done now.

2. I am surprised you did not comment on his wild words like Hypocrites, Psychos, Paranoid delusions,  Philistines etc.  The whole article  [100%]  is a personal attack, rather than an argumentative write up.  I wonder you call this a counter opinion & people are afraid to hear Rajayahem's point of view.

3. It seems you justify the whole quality of the write up of Rajanayahem.  Your editorial note is incomplete.  Look at the word quality of Thilaga Bama's & Vaigai Selvi's articles. 


[ Hypocrites, Paranoid delusions.... Ţ úĢġ, 츢ġ á š. ɢ ȢǢ Ţ ΨøǢ š ç¡ á ġ. Ƣ ܼ Ţ ΨøǢ ', 'ﺸ ', '측', ' żâ',... ħ š ç¡ Ģ Ţ Ψø즸 ̨Ţħ. Ψ¢ ᆠ, ľ â, ͸á, ž, â ţ Ţ, ġâ¡, ç, á Ţ Ũ ̸ȡ. þ â áʦ Ţâ, ., ..á .á Ǣ Ҹ 츢 츢 ټ ȡ ϸȡ. š ç¡, ź ǢǢ ɢ ڸǡ վŢ. 'I dont have any personal vendatta against Bama at all' ŧ Ũ ȡ. ĦƢ¢ Ҹ Ǣ! Ҹ Ƣ . Ƣ ¢ ǢǢ ؾ Ҹ, ȢŢ , Ҹ Ţǡ âŢ. Ƣ Ǣ Ҹ째 ׸ â ̦ âŢ ȡ.- â-]

From: S. Jayabarathan 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Cc: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2005 9:26 AM
Subject: Harassing Women Writers in Pathivukal

Dear Giritharan, As we all feel embarrassed,  please remove at once the highly objectionable & vulgar open letter by Mr. Rajanayahem to Vaigai Sevli which is not an article but an eloquent form of harasssment of women in the true sense.  If he is a real man of honour & culture, he must apologize to Vaigai Selvi & Thilaga Bama without defending himself sweetly in his foreign language.   Also please indicate in the front page of its location the reason for its removal. 

Please do not provide your literary Pathivukal WebSite as a platform to selfish people who want to show their suppressing power of one-sided wisdom to the world.

S. Jayabarathan

From: jeeva nanthan 
To: editor@pathivukal.com
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 11:54 AM
Subject: [Bulk] anniyan review

Rosa vasanth's review of a glossy third grade movie like Anniyan sounded hilarious. His affinity to his caste may be understandable, but his sup. complex against non brahmins stinks.

From: S. Jayabarathan 
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 10:15 AM
Subject: Deep Impact on the Comet - Latest Science Article

Dear Giritharan,

please cut down the ugly & bleeding fights among the writers, as they are NOT healthy & constructive criticisms.  It seems to me now-a-days "Pathivukal.com" is swarmed with mosquitoes & porcupines, downgrading its international literary value.  You can publish this letter, if you like.

S. Jayabarathan 

From: "vasanth kumar" <vasanthfriend@yahoo.com>
To: <editor@pathivukal.com>
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 9:28 AM
Subject: sending lyrics

Dear sir, Good Morning. How can i send my lyrics, short stories to your e-magazine? Thanking You.


From: "puthiyamaadhavi sankaran"
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 2:09 PM

ɢ â , ú Ψè Ǣ¢ž  ȡ ׸Ǣ .. ׸ š즸ξ ո.


From: tamil mai 
To: editor@pathivukal.com
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 8:18 AM
Subject: "Thiruvasagam" a Symphonic Oratorio - Launched

Press Release! 

Thiruvasagam a Symphonic Oratorio by Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja was successfully launched on June 30, 2005 at the Music Academy, Chennai. Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting Mr. Jaipal Reddy released the CD of Thiruvasagam a Symphonic Oratorio and renowned carnatic musician Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna received the first copy. Isaignani Ilayaraajaas carnatic music guru, Dakshinamurthi Swamigal, released a DVD on the making of this album and actor Mr. Kamal Haasan received the first copy. 

As a part of the releasing function a 20-minute Oratorio from the album was played while the auditorium listened to it in silence. 
Mr. Jaipal Reddy, Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting after listening to the 20 minute Oratorio observed that the album represented creation and versatility and lauded that There are no limits to the heights Ilayaraaja can rise to. 

Carnatic musician Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna said that Ilayaraajas Thiruvasagam was a bridge between two kinds of music and he was deeply moved by it. 
The Editor in Chief of The Hindu, said that the Oratorio was a seamless classical crossover and unique. While appreciating the Catholic Churchs involvement in this project as great service to India he also said that this bold undertaking has crossed the barriers of language, nations and ethnicity. He appealed to the fans not to support and encourage piracy and copying of this masterpiece.

Congress leader, Mr. Peter Alphonse said that this venture was an expression of Secular Spritualty which is the need of the hour. While appreciating the genius of Ilaiyaraaja, Mr. Kamal Haasan said that this album was a great service to Tamil and it goes beyond the boundaries of religion, caste and geography. 
Film Director, Mr. Bharathi Raaja recalled his friendship with Ilaiyaraaja and their childhood memories. He said the Tamil motherland feels proud of its son Ilaiyaraaja on his achievements.

Film actor Mr. Rajini kanth observed that Ilaiyaraajas journey was in search of peace. He also recalled his relationship with the Isaignani over the years and lauded him as a musical genius. 

The general secretary of MDMK, Mr. Vaiko while speaking at the occasion described the spiritual and literary importance of Thiruvasagam and also noted the ancient and traditional importance of Tamil music. He commended that Ilaiyaraajas music would live thousands of years. 

Rev. Fr. Jegath Gasparraj the founder of Tamil Maiyam, which was behind this project while thanking and appreciating the people behind this major effort, said that Gods grace was behind their involvement in this project and in dedicating Thiruvasagam to the world. 

At the conclusion Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja in his acceptance speech observed that the project was made possible by the grace of God. He also said that writing music for this album was a pleasing experience.

The launch of Thiruvasagam had wider media coverage and the fans of various blends, that included the lovers of Thiruvasagam, fans of Maestro Ilaiyaraaja, etc., packed the Music Academy. 

 -         Tamil Maiyam. 

From: Soundaranayaki Vairavan 
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 10:55 PM
Subject: "Online Voice" - July-Aug-Sep 2005 Issue 

Online Voice E-Magazine July-August-September 2005 is published at http://www.onlinevoice.info 

Thanks and Regards,

Soundaranayaki Vairavan. 

From: "Puthumai.com" <puthumainews@gmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2005 3:33 AM
Subject: [Bulk] Puthumai Newsletter

Dear Friends We inform you about our new updated. as follows (03.07.2005): 

1) Weekly News
2) Kelvi Pathil
3) Kisu Kisu..
4) Idea Iyasamy...
5) Are You Ready to Love?


If you introduce this site to your friends, it will be nice.

Thank you
Puthumai.com team

From: "Sankar Sankarapandi" <sankarpost@hotmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Cc: <editor@pathivukal.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 5:56 PM
Subject: Online Petition regarding Tharaki

Dear Giritharan, Hope you remember me, I communicated with you regarding FETNA souvenir last year around this time. I have created a petition (on behalf of the World Tamil Organization) to the United Nations Human Rights Commission to pressure the GOSLfor launching an impartial investigation of the murder of Tharaki. Is it possible to post the following petition link in Pathivukal?


I would appreciate your help very much.


From: T.B.R.Joseph 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2005 8:42 AM
Subject: Information about my blog site

Dear Dr.Giritharan, I thank you so much for publishing some of my short stories in your ezine. I have recently launched a blog page in my name at : http://tbrjoseph.blogspot.com. I've provided in my blog page, a link to your ezine along with some other popular tamil ezines.  I hope you don't mind. I would be thankful to you if you could kindly publish this letter in your ezine so that your readers could pay a visit to my page and share their thoughts with me.

Thanking you once again.

Yours faithfully,

From: r.p.rajanayahem rajanayahem 
To: giridharan 
Sent: monday, may 02, 2005 3:04 am
Subject: su.raa is misunderstood by dalit brothers

R.P.RAJANAYAHEMThis is very unfortunate that our dalit brothers have misunderstood a noble writer. when you read suraa's whole work you can find the noble heart of su.raa. he is a writer of great caliber and as a human being also he is a rare gentle man of the first order. please dont think i am glorifying him.  he is the most eligible writer to get any award. Reading between the lines leads to many confrontations. that is what happened in this remarkable short story "pillai keduthal vilai". this story is against the attitude of feudalistic atrocity and sympathetically defends thayammal. when you read with a pre-conditioned fixation you always  land in  pensiveness and abstraction. actually when i read this touching story, i couldn't even sleep and thayammal's pitiable situation was unforgettable. it recollected in me su.raa's another master piece ' kolongal' . in fact thangakann and sellathurai are identical to some extent to " puliyamarathin kathai " thomodhara aasan and laundry joseph.

I personally feel this misunderstanding  of our dalit brothers should never affect su.raa's creative ecstasy.it is miserable for his life time achievement he has to face these slanderous remarks.

I would like to point out that kalachuvadu has never done any harm at all to periyar, jeeva and neruda . when any body is having organisational delusions, dogma is unavoidable. you can publish this e mail as a rejoinder to aadhavan theetchanya's article.

I would like to quote the mighty lines of mathew arnold. " literature will take over the function of the religion in the future "



From: Jana Parimalam 
To: Pathivukal 
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 1:48 AM
Subject: Rajanayakam

â , á† Ψ Ţ¢ ̾ ý ŢŢ. ɢ Ψ ͒ Ǣ ź Ħȡ (. .á. Ţ)  ɡ . 


[ Ƣ Ǣ ɢ Ψ .á.¢  Ȣ ̾ . â ᆠȢ Ţ  측 Ţš Ĩ иȡ. Ĩ Ȣ ﺡ â Ȣ ܼ ¢ ׸ š Ţ¡Ţ.- â-]

From: Nanthini Sabesan
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 11:56 PM
Subject: Karumaiyam Arivippu

I'm sending this mail regarding about the Karumaiyam Arivippu  that posted at Pathivugal today. The picture is perfect. Could you please add one more thing that anyone under 15 years not allowed for the discussion.


From: "Puthumai.Com" <puthumainews@gmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2005 3:05 AM
Subject: Puthumai Newsletter

Dear Friends, We inform you about our new updated. as follows (23.04.2005):

1) New Photo Gallery !
2) Idia Iyasamy !
3) This week News !
4) Chandramukhi, Sachein Movie review...
5) Kelvi - Pathil
6) and more...


Thank you
Puthumai.com team

From: K.S. Sivakumaran
To: V.N. Giritharan 
Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2005 12:47 PM
Subject: Puththaandu Vaalthukal

Dear VNG, A very Happy and Bright New year for you and your loved ones. How are you doing? Haven't heard from you for a long time.  However, I am visiting your website everyday, but doesn't read all the items due to lack of time. Keep up your productive good work.

From: jerry kanagarajah 
To:  ngiri2704@rogers.com
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 8:51 AM
Subject: New Year Greetings""

Dear ALL PUTTHAANDU VAALTTHUKKAL! May peace be with you all for the coming year. May god bless you all.

Raja Kanagarajah and family.
Official Website: http://www.jaffnaroyalfamily.org 
Raja J.R.Kanagarajah, 
Direct Descendant Of The Royal Family Of Jaffna, 
"Rajadhani Nilayam" 
P.O.Box 32325, 
2503 AA The Hague. 
The Netherlands.

From: Alarmel Mangai 
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 10:26 AM
Subject: Re: Mail from Alarmel Mangai

I read your article about Michio Kaku's "Hyper Space". I haven't read the book yet, but I have reserved the book in the local library. Everytime I go, the book has been already checked out. I have a deep liking for Astro science too. I have written a short story about Black holes and parallel Universe in Thinnai. The link is: http://www.thinnai.com/st0510033.html. When you have time please read and send me your review. 

Alarmel Mangai

From: Tharanian Ravi 
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Subject: Hello Editor of Pathivukal!

Dear Sir Giri ,  How are you? Thank you so much for the deepawali article that you published. Also I had created a new news website that has nearly all the world latest news. I need more people to visit this website or there is no point of me creating the website. I had just created the website (www.trnews.blogspot.com. ) few days ago and I want people to know whats happing around the world! If please can add my website to the lnks it would be very useful for me to to publish the latest news. Please can you publish this on your website to the links.

Thank You,
R.Tharanian ( 12 ) Years
Student of Enfield Grammar School

From: Pajaniraja Sureshbabu
Date: 03/24/05 07:13:37
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com
Subject: Nice...

Dear Giri, I read your article at ThatsTamil abt the book of "HyperSpace". It induced me to read the whole book. The way u explaining in Tamil also very good. keep it up.

Best Regards,

- raja
ARIBA India Pvt. Ltd.

From: Palaniswamy Ramaswamy 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Cc: mallika505@rediffmail.com
Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 4:10 AM
Subject: Thanks

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for publishing the news alongwith Photo in Nikhazhvukal - Maharashtra State Tamil Writters' Association's MANITHA NEYAM  MALARATTUM  Nool Veliyeettu Vizha. Thanking you once again.

Yours sincerely,
Karuvoor R.Palaniswamy

From: "Raamalakshmi Rajan" <ramalakshmi_rajan@yahoo.co.in>
To: <editor@pathivukal.com>
Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 3:05 AM
Subject: Vasagar Ethiroli- on the prize winning story "theethum Nandrum"

â," šá"- ɡ Ǣ š측¢ š â ɾ Ţ â . , ȡ šŢ ﺧġ, Ũ ý , Ȩç Ȣ ̨, Ƣ  â 츢 â ʸ. 츨 š . Ȣ , á ¢ 츢ȡ â. Ţ Ţ ¸ Ȣ š  Ǣ 츢. ¸ɡ š ý ¡ ȧ š ý ڸ. â¡ á м Ҿ ʸ. â á.


From: "Gunalinee Thayananthan" <nanthasaranga@gmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2005 7:27 AM
Subject: a competition announcement to be published in pathivukal

â ''׸'' â, ĸǡŢ ڸ Ţ ̼ Ũø. 
Ш, Ţ¡ 츢 á ¡ '' á' (http://www.poobalaragangal.com) 츢 â ̼ ռĢ ĸǡŢ ڸ ʨ ո. Ȣ£ Ǣ¢θ. ռ Ȣ򦾡 ( á ڸ ̾ 2004)  26 .02.2005 ɢ Ǣ¢. 

򦾡̾¢ Ũ¢, Ǣ Ţ â Ũ¢  Ȣ â. Ţơ â ΧǢ, Ţơ , á Ţ ġ ո.

Ȣ ľ Ţ ¡¢ Ӹâ Ȣ 즸. â Ţ м . ,


[ Ȣ. ׸Ǣ ȢŢ âǡ.- â -]

From: T.B.R.Joseph 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 4:42 AM
Subject: Fw: Contribution for publication

I am sending herewith a short story in Tamil for publication in your site. I am working as the Head of I.T. Dept. in a Private Sector Banks in Chennai. One of my favourite hobbies is writing short stories and poems in Tamil. Even though my work at the development centre (we develop software required by our Bank) keep me fully engaged during the day, writing at the end of the day keeps me relaxed. 

I happened to stumble upon your site during my daily browsing at home and I was very much attracted to some of the short stories  of Mr.Giridharan. His flowing style and simple narration  impressed me very much.

I learned from your site that you accept contributions from the readers as well. It gives beginners like me a chance to publish their creations. I declare that the enclosed story has not been published in the web so far.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
email: tbrjoseph@csb.co.in

From: Swaminathan Venkat 
To: editor@pathivukal.com ; editor@thinnai.com 
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 8:15 AM

dear friends, you willin the attachment, an article that is being carried in amudhasurabhi, the monthly magazine. i waited the day to break on 1st march, to send this article to both of you for wider circulation. the editor amudhasurabhi wanted that it should appear in amudhasurabhi first and then i can send it on to you. If you feel like carrying it, you are welcome. and it will give me larger audience. after the recent acquaintance with thinnai and pathivukal, i feel i should share these things with you. i came to know of youboth only after i acquired a pc of my own which was a recent happening. not more than ayear old. thank you. -swaminathan 

From: "C Annamalai" <yaazhini@hotmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 12:29 AM
Subject: Re: Alp Kuuththaadikal

Dear Mr. V.N.Giritharan, Many thanks for the review for the Alps.. documentary. 

Annamalai Chennai

From: Appadurai Muttulingam 
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 7:08 PM
Subject: Re: review 

Dear Giri,
I saw the results of the  short story contest.  I was impressed in the manner the contest was conducted and how the announcement was made. Good work.


From: "piraati piraati" <piraati@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 11:54 PM
Subject: [Bulk] Re: ?

unfortunate.. busy-aana nErangalil verum padaipugalai mattum avasara avasaramaaga padithuvittu poi vidum nilai yellOrukkum yErpadakoodiya ondru thaan!! ungal site-il article publish panni iruppavargalukku mattumaavathu ini, mail  announcement seiyum vazhakkathai yErpaduthikollavum. verum CC pOduvatharku  athiga nEram aagividaathillaiyaa?????


From: "piraati piraati" <piraati@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 4:51 AM
Subject: ?

sirukathai competition patri yengal yaarukkume sollappadavillai... konjam  neengalaavathu ungal ithazhil padaippu anuppi iruppavargaLukku oru mail  anuppi irukkalaame?


[ڸ Ȣ ȢŢ ,  츢 Ȣ â󧾡. ׸Ǣ Ţâš â󧾡. ɢŢ¡? - â-]

From: Ravindrakumaran Eliyathamby 
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Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 2:06 AM
Subject: thanks

׸ â, ..- á ¢ ׸ Ȣ âŢ .

á ţ
á  ¡â.

From: "Natkeeran L.K." <natkeeran@gmail.com>
To: <editor@pathivukal.com>
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 7:00 PM
Subject: Pathivukal - Firefox - Rendering Prob!!!

Hello Pathivukal:  Pathivukal is an elegantly designed and progressive Tamil E-zine.  I usually am able to read it using IE; however, I now use Firefox as my
default.  Unfortunately, I am unable to read it using Firefox. Recently, I removed all TSC fonts because they separate Tamil Unicode glyphys in Firefox.  (I do have TSCu, TAM, and TAB in the font file.)  I am wondering how I would be able to read Pathivukal in Firefox.  (Note:  I am not running Murasu because it produces problems with some of my other SW).  Thank you for your time and consideration about this.  Continue your good work. 


From: Mayooran Peri 
To: Nav Giri 
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2005 11:39 AM
Subject: Re: Re:Western

Dear Giri I read your science fiction. very nice story. Congrats
I think a few "eelaththu" writter wrote the science fiction is it true?. Pleasee write more science fictions. 

Best Regards

From: "Ravindran, Somasundaram" <S.Ravindran@livjm.ac.uk>
To: "NAVARATMAM GIRITHRAN" <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 8:44 AM
Subject: RE: Scientific Story2

Interesting. You are telling us that there is something (may be  'athma' or 'awareness') exist in a living-being and capturing it is beyond our  reach and impossible. Many in the past (including religious scholars) tried to explain  this concept in a number of (boring or scary) ways. Your approach was simple and interesting, if not the best I've came across.

Best wishes, 

[ Ȣ. Ţﻡ ¢ ڸǢġȡ Ţâ. ڸǢ teleporting ¦ ¢ Ţ׾ 'Ţ ¢' ڸ. Ȣ.- â -]

From: S. Jayabarathan 
Sent: Saturday, February 12, 2005 7:35 AM
Subject: Regarding My Writings....

Dear Giritharan,  Your Teleporting science short story has an excellent theme [ like kooduvittu koodu paythal in Vikramathithan Story ] & was well presented. 


From: thilaga bama 
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: Pongal Wishes!

suuriyaaL parriya ungkal vimarisanaththiRku nandri. ungkal karuththukkaL enakku pidiththirunthana.. mika sariyaaga kavithaikaLai adaiyaaLam kaNdirunthiirkal ..


From: "sura kats" <matrathu@hotmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>; <editor@pathivukal.com>
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2005 8:48 PM
Subject: katsura

Writer Ө Ƣ Ǣ ̾¢,  á 츣 Ȣ Ţ, ɢ á츧 ʦ Ţ Φ -ռ ¢ Ȩ š- Ţ о. . ɣ 츢Ģ Ţĸ  Ţۨ . Ч 츢ȡ.  š , Ţ ɣ 쨸 Ǣ측. ɸ 츢ȡ. ɡ ɡ ǡ Ȣ¢ Ȣ¡ Ǣ š򨾸Ǣ Ǣ측 Ţθ. ý Ţ Ǣ ¢ š򨾸 ׸ Ǣ Ţ š򨾸.

Ȣ š ç¡ ɢ ո θ Ȣ¾ (¢ Ǣ Ȣ Ȣ¢. ġ.) ؾ¢츢ȡ. š򨾸 ¡ ؾ 측 ; . ȡ. Ţξ측  ȣ . ¡ Ш š ġ ǡ. ġ Ģ Ÿ ? Ţ 쨸 ǡ. ɡ ġȢ Ţ Ȣ . á¡  Ģ 츢ȡ? Ţ¡ .ȡ š򨾸Ǣ Ƣ Ţ ? á¡ Ģ . Φ ġ 򧾡 ɡȡ ȡ . Ȣ âн Ţθ. Ȣ ; ¡ ǡ ھĢ Ţ š򨾸 .  즸񧼡. š򨾸ǡ ġ ¢ ¡ ? Ȣ Ţ   Ţ š򨾸Ǣ 츢. 

[Ţ Ψ ۦ ⢠Ǣ Ψæ¡측 츦 ׸Ǣ Ǣ¢ž ŢŢ. â¢󧾡. á츢 Ţš վ Ψ¢ 츢 ̾ â󧾡. Ģ Ȣ и 측¢ 즸ȡ. , , Ţ ŢŨ 󧾡. ɧ и . - Ţ 'Ģи' Ȣ и ɧ 츢 Ţ𧼡. 󿢨¢ Ȣ и 츢ǡ.- â-]


From: Manivel Velupillai 
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2005 1:27 PM
Subject: Rosa

, ׸. The Soveit Model of Regional Autonomy (Part I)  Ҽ Ψ Ţɒ Ǣ¢. Ţ¡ ¡. 20 θ Ǣ¢ Ψ¢ Ţ¡ ? ɢ ȡ  ɡ á ¡ š â. 

[â . , Ţ Ţ ȣ? ɡ áɢ Ψâ Ţǧ (reaction) ʾ. Ţ о. Ţ Ȣ š Ǣ ھǡ š ׸ . ɡ áɢ Ψ¡ ɾ 츧 ʾ. Ũ¢ ɡ áɢ Ψ Ӿġ Ţ¡ ʾ򾢨 иȡ. ɡ Ţ Ȣǡ. 'š ' ĺǢ 'š áĢ' Ȣ 'Ţ' . (opposite) ħ --- â]

From: Manivel Velupillai 
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 6:46 PM
Subject: RA

á ! , ú, ý!

- -

Writer, ׸! á ! , ú, ý! ɡ á Ũ Ψ¢ (׸, 2005, 61) â Ȣ ɢ á  . 20 θ ɨ. The Island (Colombo, 1984/08/24)  Ǣ Ǣ The Soviet Model of Regional Autonomy Ҽ Ψ¢  Ȣ. Ψ ǡ Ǣ¢. Ӿġ ç ź . Ũ ʦ м ǡ. â θ.



Messrs S.Nadesan QC, Jehan Perera, Dilesh Jayantha, C.Sivanesan and N.Shanmugathasan have offered cogent arguments in favour of comprehensive discretionary powers at regional level to the minorities in Sri Lanka. 

Mr.Nadesan has called for an emulation of the regional self-government evolved in China under the direction of the late Chairman Mao Zedong. An analysis of the Chinese model of autonomy by Mr.Nadesan appeared in Saturday Review (Jaffna) recently. We have nothing to add except to quote an extract from the Report by Peng Zhen on the Revised Chinese Constitution: 

Regional national autonomy within a unified country not only can ensure the lawful rights and interests of the minority nationalities and speed up the economic and cultural development of the areas they inhabit, but also serve to resist aggression and subversion from outside and guarantee the independence and prosperity of the country as a whole (5th National Peoples Congress, 1982, p.102). 

The system of regional autonomy introduced by President Nimmerie in the Sudan has been commended and recommended by Mr.Jehan Perera. His Exploring the Solution to the Communal Problems appeared in Saturday Review and in The Island which subsequently carried a rejoinder to his critic Lieutenant Colonel E.T.Fernando. We, ordinary servicemen, would not dare to trespass into the Sudanese soil for a desperate battle against Mr.Jehan Perera. 

Messrs Dilesh Jayantha and C.Sivanesan have come out with much force in support of the Swiss model of federal system. A short and sweet contribution by the former was published in Sunday Observer by late 1983. Very recently Saturday Review published a detailed article by the latter on the same topic. The Swiss federal system, however, is too popular to be reiterated here. 

Mr.N.Shanmugathasan has repeatedly drawn our attention to the Soviet model of self-government as defined and designed by Stalin. Saturday Review carried a series of articles written by him on this subject. His writings, however, deserve elaboration. 

The present article, while being a sequel to the above analyses of autonomy by our own political analysts, seeks, at first, to bring into focus how Marx, Lenin and Stalin viewed the movements for self-determination. This will be followed by an outline of the regional autonomy as existing in the Soviet Union. Towards the end of the article, a system of regional autonomy will be presented in emulation of the Soviet model with particular reference to the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. 

No recourse has, however, been made to the Collected or Selected Works of Marx, Lenin and Stalin for gathering the material related to the theme. The author has, instead, opted to rely extensively on a monographic work which speaks volumes for Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism in relation to self-determination (Alfred Cobban, The Nation State and Self-determination, Collins, 1969, p.187-309). 

There are incidentally four references, two general and two specific, to Sri Lanka in the above book: 

i. The same problems of the multi-national State, but of a much more complicated kind, were presented in India and Ceylon (p.156).

ii. The policy of partition was not welcomed by the British State, which was faced with the same issue in many lands - in Canada South Africa, Ireland, Ceylon, India and Palestine (p.163).

iii. Ceylon has a communal problem which has brought about the failure of one constitution (p.237). 

iv. In Ceylon communal hostilities increased with the progress towards self-government and involved the breakdown of the constitution (p.241). 

The present writer has, also, made extensive use of an in-depth study for illustrating the Soviet system of self-government (Boris Topornin, The New Constitution of the USSR, Progress Publishers, 1980, p.148-169). What follows, then, is a synthesis on the Soviet experience in autonomy based entirely on the above and similar publications. In other words the following is an exercise in plagiarism right up to the point where Sri Lanka comes into the scene.

Marx and Engels originally held that Workers have no fatherland and that They must form a Workers International. True to their original stance, they opposed the Irish, Polish, Finnish and Norwegian national movements for self-determination. But they did so only at the beginning. Later, they saw in national movements a step towards the proletarian revolution. 

By 1872 Marx was prepared to admit that special regard must be paid to the institutions, customs and traditions of various lands. In 1875 he emphasized the national setting of the class struggle, and declared Socialism must achieve its victory first of all in particular countries. 

Since self-determination for (1)Ireland, (2)Poland and (3)Finland and Norway meant truncation, respectively, of  (1)British, (2)Russian and (3)Swedish autocratic empires, and elevation of bourgeoisie in the former colonies, Lenin found in self-determination a step towards democracy and revolution. That was why he criticized Rosa Luxembergs condemnation of the separation of Norway from Sweden. Lenin argued, more realistically, that there was a democratic content in the nationalism of every oppressed nation, and that in this respect it should be supported, in spite of its bourgeois character. 

Similarly he saw in the victory of the Servs and Bulgars in the Balkan Wars the destruction of Balkan feudalism and the creation of a more or less free class of peasants, land-owners, which inasmuch as it represented a step forward, was to be applauded. 

Just as Lenin had identified a progressive phenomenon in the process of national self-determination (secession), so did Stalin locate a similar feature in regional self-determination (autonomy). 

According to Stalin A nation is a historically evolved stable community of language, territory, economic life and psychological make-up manifested in a community of culture. He further asserted A nation has the right to arrange its life on the basis of autonomy. It has the right to enter into federal relations with other nations. It has the right to complete secession. Nations are sovereign, and all nations are equal. 

Stalin, however, preferred autonomy to secession. In his view, Regional autonomy does not deal with a fiction deprived of territory. Of course, within autonomous regions there are bound to remain minorities, but what they want is not to be attached artificially to similar minorities elsewhere, but real rights in the localities they inhabit. 

Stalin went on to declare that The Party demands wide regional autonomy, abolition of tutelage from above, the abolition of a  compulsory state language and the determination of the boundaries of self-governing  and autonomous  regions by the local population itself, based on economic  and social conditions, the natural composition of the population and so forth (Mani Velupillai, The Island, Colombo, 1984/08/24). 

From: Paranirubasingam SRI RANGAN
To: Giritharan V.Navaratnam 
Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2005 8:44 PM
Subject: Brief ueber Aravinthan Neelakandan Arbeit.

WriterҨ£,Ž! Ţ ĸ ɾ ڸȡ? ɡ ? Ǣ ﺢ Ƣ š? Ţ,,É¡-ɡ . 쨸Ȣ ! Ȣ ׸ ɢ š, â-¡ , (ĢԸ ) þ Ƣ¡ վ Ţ  ¡ ȣǡ? ġ¢ ¡ ġ Ȣɡ , â Φ ʧȢ á ׊򾢧Ģ¡ Ũ § ¢ Ǣ ¢ ¡ Ҹ š. Ҿ 캢 츢 ġ Ţ ? 

,ġ¾,,,,¡,¡,ŧ,(- ),ž,Ţž,Шž, , ġ ɢɢ 𼧾 ž ,á Լ ? â,ƒ,, ž ,á, ( ) 츢 â׸Ǣ Ĩ ;. § ǡ츢 ǡ(վ )Ҹ򦾡 ܼ Φ Ȣ иǢ šâ Ţ ĸ Ȣ ¡ ȢŢ ¡ ĸú .¡¢ Ƣ á  Ţ ,Ȧ " "šɡ ! " : Ӿ§ š §!"
, ! Ч ¡¢츢ȡ,- ¢츢. ϧ , š¢츢.Өȸ ̽ Ţ 캢 ġ ȧ ħ¡ ɡ . ,θ!


"ĸ á ¸,
šž -
ɢǡġ ,§ǡġ ,
ɢ ¢Ģ 

Ţ ĸ Ţ Ţ.ھ¡ :

many prophets, whose predictions haven't come true, 
would make us believe, that their predictions had been accurate, 
but the facts turned up wrong - Ernest Hemingway.

â ¢Ģ ž!
ȡ ɢ,24.01.'05

From: "sura kats" <matrathu@hotmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 10:18 PMwww.arituyil.com
Subject: katsura

Arithuyilɼ 츢򧾡 Ţ Ҹơ . ׸ § Ũ ġ ¢츢ȡ. ɼ 츢򧾡 áǧ Ţ ǡ Ǣ측ո. ĸ 츢 ɼ 츢򧾡 Ţ á ã¡ . Ţ § 츢 ɣ ¨ Ǣ측 è Ǣ¢󧾡. 츢򧾡 Ţ ¢츢.¡ 츢 , ը ú   ҸĢ 츢 . ¢ 츢򧾡  ŨĨ Ţ ȡ. Ȣ Ţš Ψ www.arituyil.com ġ.


From: "Sinnadurai Varatharajah" <svaratharajah@hotmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 3:29 AM

Pathmanapaiyer׸Ǣ 2004 측 Ţը ɼ ĸƸ ¢  . ɢ ŨŢ츽 ̽ ¡ ɢ   Ţը . Ǣ¢ Ũ 즸 Ÿ š Ȣ Ȣ즸 ġ.

á ġ ţ Ҿ Ģ Ţ . ? Ţ .Ţ ɢɢ Ǣá . ġ š ¡ Ţ ɢ ɨ ¡ ĸ Ǣ ¡ ɧ¡ Ǣ Ȣ . Ũ¢ á Ǣ Ҿ Ȣ󾧾. . ɡ á Ȣ ɢ Ũ Ȣ . ¢ ǡ츢 š ¡ Ţը Ȣ Ţ즸.   ¡ ɢ ɾ 즸. 

ɢ þá

From: Albert Fernando 
To: vng 
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 11:57 AM
Subject: Pongal article portion missing.....!

ɢ â , տ š Ȣ. Ψ ׸Ǣ . Ţơ 񼡼 Ţ Ȣ ؾ¢󾨾 ŢŢǡ? ̾ Ţ¡? м .


[. ʾ򾢨 ŢŢ. ¾ Ȣ. ׸측 Ǣ Ȣ. - â]

From: sathnel.sakthithasan@bt.com 
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 9:18 AM
Subject: RE: Pongal Wishes!

â , 
տ 񼾢 ɡ
ý¢ տ
즸 š
ȡ -
ɢ š


[ š, ¡ Ǣ Ȣ! - â -]

From: Ramachandranusha 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 1:50 AM
Subject: enquiry

ڸ , "" ڸ â 򾾡? ɢ¢ Ȣ .

. (á )
[ . Ȣ. -â]

From: editor@silambu.com 
To: 'Nav Giri' 
Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2005 9:55 AM
Subject: Re: Inaiyathala Arimugam

Dear Editor! Thank you very much for introducing our web site in your site. We will upload medical page as soon as possible.
Thanks again

Best Regards

From: Manivel Velupillai 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Cc: kulathugan.wijeyathungam@rbc.com 
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2005 6:12 PM
Subject: Tsunami

Editor, Pathivukal, I monitored almost all the Tamil media for an equivalent of TSUNAMI which seems to be bandied about by newsmen.  I listened to Dr.Venkat Ramanan & Wijey Kulathungam (both stayed & worked in Japan) discussing TSUNAMI over the radio this morning. Wijey raised the same question (as I raised to him in an e-mail message previously). Dr.V.R. identified è to be an equivalent of  TSUNAMI. Accordingly one may refer to Ƣè or è in this context. Id, however, prefer Ƣè because Ƣ implies both ocean and depth.  Thats why I described it as a massive tidal wave in my previous message to Pathivukal. A few Tamil media are already using Ƣè. [Ƣè ž ɧ. Ǣ è 츧. Ƣ¢ Ţ Ҿ, Ţ, , š . - â] 

I am not interested in the origin of TSUNAMI in this message, nor was I in my previous message. I do agree, however, that TSUNAMI which hit South East Asia  last week was seismic in origin. 

Mani Velupillai 

From: Manivel Velupillai 
To: editor@pathivukal.com
Sent: Friday, December 31, 2004 8:52 PM
Subject: Iyer & Tsunami

Ҩ£, (1) . ɼ 츢 Ţ Ȣ  ȡ. Ţ š Ţ ̾ . (2) Tsunami  (ɢ) Ģ Ƣ èĒ Ȣȡ. A massive tidal wave  Ȣġ. Ƣ è (Tsunami) , (submersion) â. â θ. ( â ç¡ ﺢ) 12 θ 2004/12/26- 츢 Ƣ è ɨŢ. Ƣ è Ţ. ؾ즸 ľ׸ 2 Ģ ȡ Ţظ. ɡ Ţ ׸ 󾨾 . 

[¢ A Massive Tidal wave Ȣ ܼ â¡ɾ. Tidal Waves šžâ ýǢġ ø, Ǣ 쾢. ¢ Tsunami šžâ ýǢ š Ţ, â , âǢ Ţ Ȣġ. ɡ Ţﻡɢ Seismic sea waves Ȣ. ¢ Ƣè Ţ Ƣ è (Destructive Wave) Ȣ ܼ . ɡȡ . ɡ ɡ Ǣ š. ø Ҩ 󧾡ɺ¡Ţ ̾ Ţ ɡ¢ Ţ Ţ𼦾 . ɧ ɡ Ǣ ǡ Ÿġ. ɡ ȢŢ Ψ Ц â¡ Ţо . - â]

12 θ Ǣ . ǢҸ , . ȡ š ¢â (navigation)  ո. Ũ ȡ ¢ â. 12 θǢ 측 Ƣ è¡ Ƣ, Ǣɡ . [ Ǣ . Ũ Ǣ . ɡ¢ɡ Ģ â ¡Ţ , è â 򾢨 и. ĸ 10, 20 30 Ũ¢ ġ. Ũ¢ ¢ Ģ , Ģ Ǣ Φ Ƣ è¡ ɡ Ţ̸. Ǣ ¢ žâ â   츢 ȧ. 򾨸 򾢨 ɡ Ţθ.- â]  ɡ è, ġ, , ġ , ʦȢ ¡ Ȣ   ĸ 򾨸 쨸Ǣ š쨸 Ţ.  Ǣ Ģ¡ ոȡ.[ â. . ɡ Ǣ ¡Ţ츢ȧ. ɡ ɢ . ¢ ¡ ɢ Ƣ â츢. 򾨸 ĸ á ɡ Ţ̸ȧ. ɡ è Ǣ ɡ Ģ á Ţž 'è' . Ǣ Ţ ƢǢ 򾨸 Ţ ¡ɢ츢. á񧼡 ⢠ܼ Tsunami Waves Ψæ¡Ȣ Ţ Ȣ. - â

- - 

From: jeya mohan nagercoil 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
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Subject: One Small Correction in My South Asian Tsunami Poem 

Dear Giritharan,
Thanks for speedy insert of my Song of Horror in South Asia.  One small correction is to be done, if it is not inconvenient to you.
In the 5th para,  " A " is missing in the line ... udukkai adiththu thaaNdavam  "A"dum. Pathivukal reacted fast by putting several articles on Tsunami Horror Facts & Figures.

Thanks & Regards,

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Subject: War against child

Suffering of Children in Sri Lanka

Kids Suffering..Shocking truth you won't find in human rights reports. 
75 000 under age labour in Sri lankan capital, 15 000 
thousand children are sexually abused every year. Hundreds of 
children are killed by the state armed forces. 350 Tamil 
schools closed by Sri Lankan military attacks!
"The security forces are campaigning in schools, to encourage 
15 year old school children to join the army. When I comment 
on this, they call me a traitor. If it is so, is Foreign 
Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar also a traitor, who is 
campaigning in foreign countries saying that LTTE is 
recruiting children to their forces?" asked Opposition Leader
Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe in the parliament. He pointed out 
that the Army has launched a campaign in schools to recruit 
school children into the army while Mr. Olara Otunnu, UN 
Special Representative on Children in Armed Conflict is 
visiting the country. Attack on children by Sri Lankan security forces in a decade:

01) 2001/02/07 A 13 years old child was raped by a Special 
Task Force (STF) elite soldier at Cheddipaalayam in the 
eastern Batticaloa. The child had gone to collect firewood 
when the STF trooper, according to the complaint, raped her. 
02) 2000/12/17 A sixteen year old girl was killed and two 
others were wounded when shells fired by Sri Lankan police 
hit 5th district Eravur, 12 km. north of Batticaloa, around 
10 p.m. residents said. The girl who was killed in the
shelling was identified as Vasanthi Ganeshamoorthy.

03) 2000/11/05 A two-year old child was killed and twelve 
others were wounded, five of them seriously when Sri Lanka 
Army and Police shelled the villages of Ramespuram and 
Sunkankerny north of Batticaloa. 

04) 2000/10/01 Kunalingam Kugathasan, 14, was shot dead by 
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers Saturday afternoon while
bathing in a lagoon in Navalady, about 4 km east of 
Batticaloa town. 

05) 2000/09/13 two youths were shot and killed by a Special 
Task Force ambush unit at Aariyampathi Poopalapillai 
Sreekanth, 16, and Kanakasabai Karunakaran were returning 
home from a funeral when the STF commanders who were lying in 
ambush shot them at. Both of them died on the spot

06) 2000/01/11 Residents of Periyakulam in Trincomalee called 
for a judicial inquiry into the death of a 15-year-old Tamil 
youth on January 6. The victim, Alagurajah, was shot dead by 
Sri Lankan Navy personnel on Friday night, villagers said.

07) 1999/12/14 A group of 5, including a Sri Lanka Army 
deserter, sexually assaulted a 13 year old school girl, in 
Mawanella about 55 km, east of capital.

08) 1999/09/15 More than twenty one civilians, including 
school children and women were killed and more than forty 
seriously wounded when two Kfir jets of the Sri Lanka Air 
Force bombed a crowded public place in Puthukkudiyiruppu in 
the Mullaithivu district around 10 a.m.   Ariyanaygam 
Gajanthini (12), Ward 8, Manuthuvil, Puthukkudiyiruppu 
  Pathmarasa Jenitta (15), Ward 8 Manthuvil, 
  Thambiah Subramaniam, Ward 6, Aanandapuram 
  Alam Rose Konstoses (15), Panayadi, Mullivaaikaal 
  Rasanayagam Uthayaruban (16), Panayadi, Mullivaaikaal 

09) 1999/01/25 One student was killed and 7 others seriously 
wounded in an air attack by the Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) 
kfir jet planes on Sunday around 5.30 p.m. in residential 
areas in Mullaithivu district in the northeast of the island 
sources in the Vanni said. Four among the injured belong to 
the same family that included 3 children, the sources added. 
The wounded are: Sebasitan Jude Suthan (07), Sebastian Suthan 
(09), Sebasitan Mayooran (12), Mariayadas Sebastian , 
Yesunayagam Thileep (13), Sinniah Manoharaseelan and 
Thanabalasingam Saraswathi . 

10) 1998/12/08 A three month old infant and his fifteen year 
old brother were killed when the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) opened 
fire in a house at Kilaly, southeast of Jaffna last night 
said hospital sources in the north.

11) 1998/12/02 A ten year old boy, Vivekanantharasa, was 
killed and two others were wounded when the Special Task 
Force (STF), of the Sri Lankan Police fired mortars from 
Paddiruppu bridge and Kaluthvalai in the east of the island

12 ) 1998/10/17 Three Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) personnel 
abducted and raped 16-year-old schoolgirl from Arasady road 
in Vaddukoddai, 9 km. north. West of Jaffna centre

13) 1998/08/26 'Soldiers shot my children' - father "Both of 
my children, Kokularajani (09) and Anurajani (10), went for 
special church service on the evening of August 21. I learnt 
at around 5:30 p.m. that my children had been shot while 
returning home, and since it was dark and a state of tension 
prevailed in the area, I was only able reach the spot the
following morning. I identified my daughter, Kokularajani's 
dead-body", narrated the father, Mr. I. Somarathinam, in his 
testimony during an inquiry on the death of Kokularajani at 
Valachenai Karuvankerney. 

14) 1998/07/08 ,During the medical embargo, An eight-year old 
boy, M Kiriraj, bitten by a dog yesterday died of rabies in 
Puthukudiyiruppu hospital (Mullaitivu) as there was no anti-
rabies vaccine available. Few days earlier, another Tamil 
baby, 3-year old Sujeevan from near by Sivanagar, also died
of rabies after being bitten by a dog. 

15) 1998/06/27 Sri Lankan Kfir war planes on Saturday bombed 
the Tamil village of Konavil (Vanni) killing 3 Tamil 
civilians including a 7-year old child and injuring 6 others. 
Immediately after the planes left, Sinhalese soldiers from 
the Elephant pass army camp fired long range artillery into 
the village. Details of those killed are: M Rajeepan, 7, M 
Jeyalachumi, 30 (both from the same family), and 
Thirunavukarasu Parasakthy

16) 1998/04/09 A young Tamil woman, M Maheswari (16), Tuesday 
died in a hail of bullets at 9.30 am as the occupying 
Sinhalese army opened fire at Tamil homes next to its 
Kinniyady army camp in Valaichchenai (Batticaloa).

17) 1998/10/17 Three Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) personnel abducted 
and raped 15 year old school girl from Arasady road in 
Vaddukoddai, 9 km. north-west of Jaffna centre.

18) 1998/10/06 A twelve year old girl, returning from school, 
was sexually assaulted by a Sri Lankan Army (SLA) soldier in 
Sangathaanai in Chavakachcheri, east of Jaffna.

19) 1998/04/15 A girl who was raped by a Police constable was 
admitted to the Jaffna hospital by Sri Lankan Police at Kopay 
around 3.40 p.m. The girl, Sri Balakumar Ajanthana, 16, of 
No.386, Kandy Road Ariyalai in Jaffna town, alleged that a 
Police constable had forcibly raped her, which had caused 
heavy bleeding from the vagina. 

20) 1990/09/05 Five Tamil girls were abducted by the army 
raped and killed. Their bodies were later found in a well. 

21) 1998/03/27 Sinhalese hooligans have stabbed to death a 15-
year old Tamil boy using a broken bottle. The Tamil boy - 
Thiruchelvam - was working in Moratuwa (in the Sinhalese 
south) when he was attacked after being called a "baby Tamil 
Tiger". The dead boy originally came from the Nanu Oya area 
in the hill country.

22) 1998/03/17 The Sinhalese army in Kiran (Batticaloa) has 
gunned down a 6-year old Tamil girl Peethamparam Sasikala who 
had been held in their custody. Sinhalese soldiers asked her 
and other detained Tamils to run away from the camp, as 
though they had been released, but then opened fire as they 

23) 1998/01/27 the remaining seven passengers, including a 4-
year old girl and two 9-year olds were injured in the army 
strike. The Tamil passengers were travelling to army-occupied 
Jaffna from Pooneryn when Sinhalese soldiers at Thanankillapu 
coast waved the boat to shore then opened fire when it was 
100 meters from the coast. The boat, unable to dock, returned 
to Pooneryn with the dead and injured on board. Those killed 
were Sivapatham Thevakulaseelan (12) and Yogan Sivakolunthu 
(52). The injured were Sivapatham Thadchayini (4), 
Sivapathasundaram Susirani (9), Nagaratnam Lampotharan (9), 
and Parasuraman Sumanthiran (16).

24) 1998/01/24 Occupying Sinhalese armed forces Saturday 
opened fire on a civilian boat off Jaffna's coast, killing a 
12-year old Tamil boy and an elderly man of 52. The remaining 
seven passengers, including a 4-year old girl and two 9-year 
olds were injured in the army strike. Those killed were 
Sivapatham Thevakulaseelan (12) and Yogan Sivakolunthu (52).

25) 1997/07/08 Armed Sinhala home guards have killed a 14-
year old Tamil boy in Amparai. 

26) 1997/06/25 Six Tamil children - the youngest 12 years - 
are seriously injured after army shelling of a Hindu temple 
on Monday. The artillery attack came at 8.15 in the evening 
while the children were engaged in devotions. Sri Lanka's 
assault was launched from its military camps at Mankindimalai 
and targeted at Kumulamunai Kottukinattady Nagathambiran 
temple. The temple itself was badly damaged. The children 
injured are: Koinath (male, 12); S. Piratheepan (male, 16); 
Pirahalathan (male, 14); Sasikumar (male, 16); Vijitha 
(female, 16); Menaka (female, 18).

27) 1997/05/15 The Sri Lankan army fired artillery shells 
into Nedunkerni town from its base in Manal Aru, killing five 
Tamil civilians on 15 May 1997. Three of the dead are
children of whom two were sisters Vithusa, 3 and Nivetha, 2. 
A third sister, Ajantha, 10 was injured. A shell decapitated 
Vithusa. Another child from a neighbouring house was the 
third killed. P. Supathira, who was pregnant, died in 
hospital from severe abdominal injuries. 22-year old V. 
Priyatharsini was also killed. Several people were wounded 
and admitted to Puthukudiyiruppu hospital. Nedunkerni was 
filling with Tamil civilians displaced by an ongoing Sri 
Lankan army operation in the region.

28) 1997/03/13 Six Tamil refugees huddled inside the 
Valaichchenai refugee camp in Batticaloa have been struck and 
killed by shellfire from Valaichchenai police station. 
Another six have been critically injured, including four 
children - Sivalingam Sarojinidevi (8), Nadarasa Sinnarasa 
(12), Uthayakpao (12) and J. Arichandran (16). 

29) 1997/10/26 An 'A' level student from Kiran's Maha 
Vidyalam (school) in Batticaloa was shot and killed on 26th 
by Sinhalese soldiers lying concealed near the man's house. 
P. Santhirakumar (16) was crossing the road to go to his 
house at 21:00 when the soldiers' bullets rained on him.

30) 1997/09/28 Infant Arul Gananaratnam Anastan (3) died last 
week because Sinhalese troops of Nakarkoil coastal division 
(Vadamaradchy) refused to let him be taken to the Manthikai 
hospital. The child was in need of urgent medical attention
for viral fever.

31) 1997/08/28 A Tamil girl of five was among two people 
killed yesterday morning when Sri Lanka's Jaya Sikurui forces 
heavily shelled the Vanni town of Olumadu, levelling most 
buildings and driving residents in panic to other areas.

32) 1997/07/19 Sri Lankan troops have killed four Tamil 
civilians in intense shelling from army positions in occupied 
Nedunkerni. Artillery shells - launched at 11.30 Thursday 
night - were directed at the Tamil towns of Thatchadampan, 
Karipattamurippu and Olumadu. The civilians killed were all 
young people on their way back from a special pooja 
(religious) function at Thatchadampan Ganesha temple. They 
are: Periathamby Selvamalar (22) originally from Chulipuram
(Jaffna) but later displaced; Selvarasa Janarthanan (13) from 
Kudaththanai (Jaffna), also recently displaced; Sinkaravelu 
Rakunathan (15) from Periapuliyankulam; and Sithamparampillai 
Vanniasinkam (16) also from Periapuliyankulam. All of them
died instantly. Six others, between the ages 10 & 20 (two of 
them sisters) are critically injured in hospital. Shelling is 
continuing at the time of this report.

33) 1997/07/08 Armed Sinhala homeguards have killed a 14-year 
old Tamil boy in Amparai.

34) 1997/06/01 a 17-year old girl - Kanthappu Yasothathevi 
was killed and several others injured when the SLA shelled 
the Omanthai area.

35) 1997/11 June Army shells killed Thambimuthu Annapackiyam 
at Nasivantivu. A shell exploded inside a school injuring six 
students. A shell killed Kayankerni student Thayanithi 
Kuganesan, 7, on 11 June.

36) 1997/05/13 Jeganathan 30 and Sasikumar 14 were killed 
while Munisamy 30 and Puvaneswary 10 escaped with serious 
injuries when Sinhala soldiers attacked them. One soldier 
stood on Jeganathan's chest and chopped him said escaped 
eyewitness to the army atrocity. The four had gone to 
Parathipuram in army held Kilinochchi to inspect their homes, 
which they abandoned after army invasion.

37) 1997/04/29 The Sri Lankan armed forces on Saturday shot
and killed two innocent Tamil teens in Valaichchenai 
(Batticaloa). Pakianathan Shankar (17) from Kannakipuram and 
Velupillai Suthakar (16) 

38) 1997/03/13 Six Tamil refugees huddled inside the 
Valaichchenai refugee camp in Batticaloa have been struck and 
killed by shellfire from Valaichchenai police station. 
Another six have been critically injured, including four 
children - Sivalingam Sarojinidevi (8), Nadarasa Sinnarasa 
(12), Uthayakpao (12) and J. Arichandran (16). Indiscriminate 
artillery fire from army positions in the east has stepped up 
considerably since the fall of Vavunathivu army camp. 

39) 1997/02/05 Sri Lankan artillery shells fired from 
Mavadivempu army camp (Batticaloa) have killed an 11-year old 
Tamil boy, Karuppaiyah Sriskumar. A middle-aged man, 
Sadadcharam Perinparajan, also died. Three others critically 
injured are from the same family: - M. Rebecca (a 2-year old 
baby girl), M. Ruban (5).

40) 1997/12/25 A young girl, identified as Kandhaiah Amudha 
of Vidaththalthivu in Mannar, was raped by a Sri Lankan 
Police intelligence operative in vavuniya, Sri Lanka

41) 1997/09/05 Sinhalese soldiers have gang-raped a six-year 
old Tamil girl at an army checkpoint in Atchuveli (Jaffna). 
Soldiers of the Kathiripai military checkpoint stopped six-
year old Palanthi on her way to school. She was then dragged 
into the confines of the checkpoint and raped by one soldier 
after another, leaving her with severe physical injuries. 

42) 1997/07/17 A Tamil 15-year old schoolgirl in Araly South 
(occupied Jaffna) on her way to a leading Jaffna school was 
dragged by two soldiers to a secluded spot where she was 
beaten senselessly and raped. 

43) 1997/01/09 "Three Tamil women raped at their home by
soldiers on 9 January at Thiyavattavan in Batticaloa 

44) 1996/11/12 Selverajah Theenuka is a 10-year-old Tamil 
girl, living in Pathmeni, Atchuvely on the Jaffna Peninsula. 
A 5th grade student, she was on her way to school (12th
November 96). At 8.15, she was abducted by Sri Lankan 
soldiers and taken to the Sri Lankan army's Puttur V.C. camp. 
There, she was stripped and raped repeatedly by Sinhala 

46) 1996/03/16 Seventeen Tamil civilians, mostly children and 
the aged were killed by Sri Lanka helicopter gun ships on 16 
March 1996 in the village of Nachchikuda in the East. About 
sixty were seriously injured. The affected people had earlier 
fled Jaffna when their homes came under military attack 
during the time the Sri Lankan armed forces launched a 
military offensive to capture Jaffna from October 1995 to 
December 1995. Particulars of the 16 killed, released by 
official sources in Nachchikuda were:  Julian Delin (Baby 
Boy) 6 Month from Gurunagar; Kanthasamy Senthilkumar (Child) 
09 from Koddady; Kanagasingam Tharsini (Child) 10 from 
Anaikoddai; Anton Mary Amalini (Child) 12 from Maniyan 
Thoddam; Anton Jegadeepa (Child) 12 from; Navanthurai 
Antonipillai Lawrencestayn (Child) 15 from Anaikoddai; Zavier 
Consal (Child) 15 from Navanthurai; Mahendiran Yalini (Girl) 
18 from Navanthurai; Ponnambalam Selvarasa (Boy) 18 from 
Maniyan Thoddam; Soosaipillai Amalotpararani (Girl) 21 from
Mathagal; Victor Lucia (Girl) 23 from Gurunagar; Mariathas 
Edlisiar (Male) 30 from Gurunagar; Alphons Packianathan 
(Male) 48 from Mathagal; Zavier Gnanamani (Female) 52 from 
Gurunagar; Velan Arumugan (Male) 60 from Nachchikudda and 
Thavasi Velayi (Female) 68 from Koddady " 

47) 1996/03/16 The Government officers issued the names of 
those who died in the Helicopter attack. Almost all of them 
were people displaced from the coastal areas of Jaffna who 
were temporarily living in Nachchikuda and were engaged in 
fishing. The affected people had earlier fled Jaffna when 
their homes came under military attack during the time the 
Sri Lankan armed forces launched a military offensive to 
capture Jaffna from October 1995 to December 1995. 
Particulars of the 16 killed, released by the Government 
officers are: 

Name | Gender | Age | Originally From 
Julian Delin Baby Boy 6 Month Gurunag 
Kanthasamy Senthilkumar Child 09 Koddady 
Kanagasingam Tharsini Child 10 Anaikoddai 
Anton Mary Amalini Child 12 Maniyan Thoddam 
Anton Jegadeepa Child 12 Navanthurai 
Antonipillai Lawrencestayn Child 15 Anaikod
Zavier Consal Child 15 Navanthurai 
Mahendiran Yalini Girl 16 Navanthurai 
Ponnambalam Selvarasa Boy 16 Maniyan Thoddam 
12-year-old girl describes the tragic death of a 2-year-old 

Sathiaverni a 12-year-old girl from Aruhuveli described the 
tragic death of a 2-year-old baby who was killed by an 
artillery shell when the Sri Lankan armed forces launched a 
shell attack on Thenmaratchi and Vadamaratchi on 16-03-1996. 
She said when the shells fell on our compound, we ran further 
away and laid down on the ground to take cover. I spotted my 
aunt's daughter Kalpana - a 2-year-old baby standing away 
from us unaware of the terrific danger she was in. I got up
and started running towards her desperately to grab her to 
safety when a shell fell very close to her and exploded. When 
the smoke cleared we looked for her and found that she was 
dead. I was trembling. My hand was cut by shrapnel from 
another shell that fell close by.

48) 1996/02/11 Sri-Lankan troops from the 57th mile post near 
kilivetti massacred 24 Tamil civilians and severely injured 
28 others following the killing of two of their colleagues in 
combat with the LTTE. Four succumbed to their injuries and 
later died in hospital. One of those killed was a heavily 
pregnant woman. 17-year-old A. Thanalakshmi was gang raped by 
soldiers before being killed. Among those killed were seven 
children under the age of 12, the youngest being 3 years old. 
Troops had prevented the injured from being taken away for 
medical treatment until 9.30 the following morning.

Names of Killed Age Sex

Thurairajah Karunakaran 15 M
Arumaidurai Santhyaluxmy 15 F
Kanakarajah Subashinirajah 15 M
Vinayakamoorthy Suthahara 14 M
Ramajeyam Kamaleswar 13 F
Thangavel Kala 12 F
Shanmuganathan Nizandan 11 M
Sundaralingam Prabaharan 11 M
Amirthalingam Rasanighandi 10 F
Theepan Patiny 09 F
Sivapakiyam Thiraiyampan 06 F
Pakkkiyarajah Vasanthini 06 F
Sundaralingam Subasini 03 F

49) 1995/07/09 Having dropped leaflets asking the people to 
move to places of worship the Sri Lanka air force there after 
attacked the places of worship where Tamil civilians had 
sought refuge. On the day after the attack, 56 bodies were 
retrieved from the debris, many of whom were women and 
children. The death toll in this incident later increased to 
120. 13 babies died in their mother's arms. Rescue workers 
reported torn limbs and pieces of human flesh strewn over the 

Name of the dead Person Gender Age Address
Miss.P.Balavalli female 13 Kantharodai, Chunnakam
Mas.S.Pratheesh Male 16 Navaly North, Manipay
Mr.P.Ketheeswara Male 17 Vellantheru, Jaffna
Miss.R.Chithra Female 15 Navaly South, Manipay
Mr.T.Jesuthaasan Male 16 Main St., Jaffna
Mas.U.Satheeshkumar Male 13 Nitsaman,Chankanai
Miss.U.Ushanthini Female 12 Nitsaman,Chankanai
Mas.Jegatheesan Jeevadas Male 16 Navaly South, 
Mas.Vethushan Male 12 Vellantheru, Jaffna
Miss.Dharshini Female 14 Vellantheru, Jaffna
Mas.Piranavan Male 05 Vellantheru, Jaffna
Miss.P.Mathivathana Female 12 Chullipuram West, 
Miss.C.Thaceswary Female 15 Chullipuram West,
Miss.S.Jeyabalini Female 19 Chullipuram West, 
Mas.Pirahatheepan Male 07 Chullipuram West, 
Mas.K.Kajanthan Male 09 Chullipuram West, Chullipuram
Mas.V.Jeyanthan Male 04 Chullipuram West, Chullipuram
Mas.S.Piratheepan Male 13 Kuhanthiram valavu, 
Mas.K.Kailrajah Male 09 Murugan kovilady, Navaly
Miss.K.Vinoba Female 05 Murugan kovilady, Navaly
Miss.R.Thanushala Female 05 131 Mount Carmal Rd, 
Gurunagar, Jaffna
Mrs.R.Sasikala Female 02 kandy Road, Chavakachcheri
Mas.R.Chandrakanthan Male 13 Navaly South, Manipay
Miss.P.Sutha Female 11 Navaly South, Manipay
Mas.T.Nareshkumar Male 11 Navaly South, Manipay
Mr.P.Indrakumar Male 15 Chulipuram West, Chulipuram
Miss.K.Thevachelvi Female 10 kaddupulam, Chulipuram
Mas.A.Yogeswaran Female 16 Kapiranjoy Camp,
Mas.S.Gopikan Male 13 Uduvil, Chunnakam
Mas.N.Thevaganesh Male 15 Uyarapulam, Anaicoddai
Miss.V.Abirami Female 10 Uyarapulam, Anaicoddai
Child of Thevar Female 10 Petnathy Road, Kokuvil
Child of Thevar Female 07 Petnathy Road, Kokuvil
Child of Thevar Female 05 Petnathy Road, Kokuvil
Mas.K.Vasikaran Male 10 Tholpuram, Chulipuram
Mas.B.Ananda Alagan Male 16 Tholpuram, Chulipuram
Miss.T.Sujeeva Female 17 Navaly South, Manipay
Mas.P.Krishnakumar Male 01 Vadaliadaippu, 
Mas.R.Rajamohan Male 16 Araly South, Vaddukkodai

50) 1993/12/28 At about 8.40 a.m on Monday, 28 December 1993, 
two Sri Lanka Air force bombers dropped five bombs in 
Alampil, a village in the Manal Aru area. Five houses were 
damaged. The Multi Purpose Coop Society building was 
completely destroyed. Siyamani Komala (aged 4) and her 
brother Siyamani Theepan (aged 12) were killed. Another young 
girl Priya (aged 16) was also killed by the attack. Siyamani 
Jayaranjani (aged 8), a sister of the deceased Komala and 
Theepan, and who was taken to the Killinochchi Hospital, 
later succumbed to her injuries and died.

51) 1990/12/07 a student named M.Pakirathan aged 14 was taken
by the army to camp in Kaluthavalai, Batticoloa. He is 
presumed dead.

52) 1990/10/13 At 12 Noon, a bomber plane dropped bombs on 
udupiddy junction. The killed civilians are 1.Thanabalasingam 
Thanaraja, age 8 from urikadu.2. nadaraja Kumararaja age 13 
from udupiddy.3. Mohanarasa, age 15 from Udupiddy, 5 
seriously injured.

53) 1990/09/14 Motor shell fired from the Trincomalee army 
camp fell inside the Pallikudiyiruppu refugee camp. 
Vairamuththu Malar, 12-year-old girl died. 3 injured.

54) 1990/09/05 Five Tamil schoolgirls were abducted by the 
army raped and killed.

55) 1990/09/04 2 Tamil youths from Pallikudiyiruppu refugee 
camp was taken by Sri Lankan Army to Thoppur camp tortured 
and killed. The youths were identified as Pathinikunjan, aged 
16 and Kalirasa Sellan, aged 19.

56) 1990/08/18 Sinhala home guards supported by the Sri 
lankan soldiers entered into this village and massacred 91 
Tamil civilians, which includes several children under the 
age of 15 and women. More than 125 people were injured in 
this brutual incident.

57) 1990/07/00 Thirty-eight Tamil civilians were killed in 
the Fourth Colony and over a hundred others wounded in 
Sinnawattai Malayarkathu and various colonies in the Amparai 
district when they were attacked by Sri Lanka Army troops. 
Source: Tamil Refugee Action Group - Human Rights Update,
August 1990

58) 1986/10/12 On 12 October 1986, several Sri Lankan 
soldiers on combing operations were killed in an engagement 
with Tamil guerrillas in Admpan, North West Mannar. Following 
this incident, the troops launched a retaliatory attack in 
the area. 
Names Of Killed Age Sex
(From Adampan Area) 
M. Selvaraj 14 M
G. Tharumaseli 17 F
G. Devarani 06 F
G. Devarasa 05 M
G. Arulnayaki 02 F
V. Selvam 19 M
(From Madhu Area) 
K. Sasirani 02 F
K. Kiruparani 10 F
E. Ernestine 11 F

59) 1986/05/17 On 17th May 1986, 18 young men were taken into 
custody by the Special Task Force and shot.

60) 1986/01/25 At least twelve Tamil civilians were shot and 
killed and several others injured on 25 January 1986 as Sri 
Lankan soldiers fired indiscriminately at about 75 passengers 
waiting to biard a train at Kilinochchi railway station. The 
dead included four women and two children.

61) 1985/08/16 On 16th August, an estimated 200 Tamil people 
including children were killed when the Army went on the 
rampage in Vavuniya, looting and shooting indiscriminately. 
The forces also burnt several houses and shops!

62) 1985/01/05 Sri Lankan troops killed 8 Tamils outside of a 
Vankalar Catholic church, near the town of Mannar. The parish 
priest was also killed as he attempted to open the chapel 
doors. Thereafter, soldiers broke into the chapel, reportedly 
killing two boys, ages 12 and 14, who had been living with
the priest.

63) 1983/04/03 A Tamil child four years old killed after 
Eravur police went on a rampage firing mortars and bullets at 
surrounding Tamil villages. The killed were identified as 
Pathmanathan Sanjeevan , Thambapillai Jayadevi (aged 4).

By one Journalist
From Colombo.

From: jeya mohan nagercoil 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 1:04 PM

; ¡!

- § -

Jeyamoganà â Ǣ Ȣ . Ţ Չ¡Ţ Ψ򦾡 ɢ š츢. Ч Ģ . ۨ¢ Ģ¢츢. Ǣ Ũ¡ Ģ ɢ측 , ɢ . ¡ ŧ Ģ ոȡ. ¡ ׸ . 

â Ψø 측 ĸ ŨȢ ɾ . ¢ ɢ. ú . 쨸 žĢ Ũ ; ¡ǡá 츢 . ΨøǢ ȡá ¡ ɢ â ۾ý θ. кâǢ  ɢ ɢ ; .

à â Ģ!


From: Manivel Velupillai 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 9:23 PM
Subject: Pathivukal

򧾺 Ţ ƢҸ ¢ ŧ Ţ. , ɡ , š Ţ â ͸ȡ. ĸ š 측 šǢ ¢Ģ š Ш򧾡. ɢ Ө¢ â çȡ. 


From: Manivel Velupillai 
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 7:44 AM
Subject: Pathivukal

츢 ȡ ĸ 츢...

- -

... Ǣ¢ Ȣ ž: , Ǽ츢 ĸ ġ. Ũ¢ ĸǡŢ Ǣ . Ǣ 򾨸 ĸ 츢 ĸǡŢ š Ţ ġ .

ƢҸ Ţ 򾨸 š Ǣ. ڸ Ψø Ţ ç . Ψø Ţ â . ['ƢҸ, Ţâ ž ? ȧΦ . Ǣ ' - â] Ψ Ȣ. Ţ š Ȣ. Ǣ . š Ţ , š Ţ . ɡ 򦾡 ž Ţ. 

ĸ š ź ̨ ħ վ ħ ڸ Ψø Ţ . 򾨸 Ҹ . Ө¢ Ǣ¢ǡø. ź ̨Ţɡ ø; ¡ ž â. ׸ š ¢, ĸ 츢 Ţ . 

ȸ Ǣ 򾨸 . Ҹ 򦾡 ž . 츢 ȡ ĸ 츢 򾨸 Ŀ .  츢, 츢, 󧾡 ; 츢 ڸ, ڸ Ȣ , 򦾡 ĸǡŢ Ө¢ . [' Ħ . 򾨸 â׸ 츢ȡ. 츢 ý 츢 ڧ ¢ ̦о ' --â]

ĸ Ǣ ׸ . 򾨸 Ȩ š ¡ θ. æ¡ 󾾡 . Ǣ Ȣȡ. Ũ¢ ׸ ׸ ¡§. 


From: "sltma" <info@sltma.com>
To: <editor@pathivukal.com>
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 1:08 PM
Subject: only Tamil

Ţġ Ȣ! 
 - . þ (ġ, 
Ţġ Ȣ)

SLTMA Ţġ Ȣ 1997 ¡ ġɸ Ǣ ɽ¢ ŢġǢ ¡ . Ƣ Ը ŧ ã¡ Ш¢  Ÿ Ũ¢ Ш¢  ɾ . ŢġǢ ; ھ ŧ ĸθǢ Ţġ ¢ħ . 

Ǣ и . и â ŢġǢ ; Ȣ. ú
ã¡ ã¡ Ţġ 츧ǡ ŢġǢ Ÿ, ɸ Ȣ ŧ¢. Ĩ ʨ м Ţġ Ȣ.

á Ө¢ ̾¡ Ǣ ġ Ģ š10 Ũ ú Ţ. Ĩ¢  1997 . ţçâ ⢠ĸ , ţçâ ɢ¡ á ¡Ȣ .š š á âŢɡ . ɢ¢ Ũ . š Ǣ Ǣ â ħ . Ţè Ţ. ú š Ţ Ţ ¢ ƨ¡ɾ , â Ȣ ¡ ɽ Ţġ Ţè ġ Ш Ţġ
Ǣ .

Ȣ ɦȡ, â¡ Ţè ġ ;측 á á áš, 츧š Ţ. ý Ţġ 𼡧ħ ţ¢ Ȣ á ã¡ , ¡ . ý , ¢ м Ţ š ý, â ġ â¡ š ڼ ǧ Ǣ¢. ¢ ŧ ã¡ Ҹ, Ţ ;м Ţ վŢ.

¢ Ţġ즸 ɢ¡ . Ţġǡ , ɸ ɢɨ, Ҹ þĢž Ǣš . š, ȣ Ţ  ġ ŢŢ и Ш¢â Ҹ, ʧ 즸 Ҹ . , ɸ Ǣž, и ھž, 즸ž ɢ¡ Ǣš . Ҹ ¢ о Ţġ .

Ţġ ¡ , Ш¡Ǣ Ţš о
Ţġ Ȣ. áՉ Ȣ Ţġ Ȣ 򾢧¡10 . ż,, ¸ ̾ǢĢ 90 Ũ¢ġ Ţġ . Ȣ ¡ 즸. Ĩ â¡ .տ Ȣ Ӿġ á ɾ â . ⢠â 10.Ÿ Ӿġ ġá â

Ţġ Ȣ þ ǡ ¡ħ âŢ츢.

1. ŢġǢ 측, Ƣ ã¡
θ측 .

2. Ţġ ɸǢ , Ǣ

3.ú. и Ӿġ Ǣ ɸ,
, ӾġȢ Ǣ 측

4. Ǣ Ƣ ã¡ ̸Ǣ, ¢ 쨸

5. Ƣ â Ǣ š򾢼 ظ
̸Ǣ , Љç¡ ,

6. ú ¢ ,
̸Ǣ ξ

7. ɢ, Ҹ ӾġȢĢ ɸǢ,

8. Ţ áǡ
, 즸 .

9. Ţ Ш á .

;, ŢġǢ и ھž ¡ âŢ ŢӨȸ ž. šȡ ɸǢ â Ǣ¢ Ţġ Ţ â, Ȣ .

Ũ¢ Ǣ š 츢ȡ. Ȣ Ǣ á .áɢ Φ Ǣ š 2000 짼 19 . Ǣħ  Ҩ¢þ Ȣ á ; Ҽ (̺ ɳ Ʊ) ¢󧾡. Ţ Ш ռɡ ҸǢ ľ Êм, á ¢ Ţè Ģ 츢ȡ. Φ ռ Ţ , Ţè ž.

Ţ Ȣ Ǣ á . ռ 즸
þ š . Ţġ Ȣ θǢ Ӿ 츢 Ȣ
. á Ǣ ɸ Ǣ¨측 ΦĨ
¢. ʸǢ  ¢, ۨ 츨 Ǣ¡ Ǣ¢ ɡ ý Ţ즸.

ɢ Ȣ â Ũ¢, ý սĢ Ģ¢ Ũ¢ θ Ţġ Ȣ§ . ţ 񧼡. м, ɢ Ȣ츦 Ţ 󧾡. Ũ¢, ɢ Φ á; ¢ â쨸 Ш â 󧾡. á 쨸 ħ ɢ ġ и. ú ý 츢 âЦ ʸ. ɡ ý Ţġ ; 츢 ;측 á ŧ â ŢҸȡ. šȡ ú ý, ú ɽ Ũ¢ ŢġǢ ; ŢȢ¡ .

ȡ Ţ Ȣ; 츢. . ɢ ΦĨ , Ȣ ¡Ȣ Ţġ ý ǢȢ¢츢ȡ. и šž ú Ȣ¾ , â ̾ǢĢ Ǣ . š ǢȢ â¡ ú â á θ Ȣ츢ȡ. Ш â Ǣž 츢.

Ţġ٨ и ¡ 񼾡 θ 츢.

1. ŢġǢ , ǡ, ġ, Ţ 측

2. Ţġ ¢ âн, , ʨ

3. â¡ Ţġ ¢
Ȩ μ .

4. Ǣ Ţ ž ׾

5. Ө Ţġ Ţ.

6. á Ţġ ¢ Ƣ.

7. Ш¢ Ш Ǣ
θ Ө¢ġ â

8. Ǣ վ ¢ ȸ, ̸, Ƣ
 о.

ž Ǣ Ȣ θ , ɨ ȡ. ŢġǢ ɢ ¢ ȸ Ө¢Ģ츢 ܼ, ռ ¢ ¡ Ţ. Ө¢츢ȧܼ, šȡ ¢ ̸ ž ɸ ž . ; â¡ , â , 측 ڼ šȡ ̸ š򨾸 츢ȡ. ٨ ׼ ̸ ¾ 츢ȡ.

Ţ â â¡Ǣ è 츢 츢ȡ. â ɨ¡ Ǣçɡ Ţ ź. ŢġǢ , Ҿ , Өȸ ȢЦ , ¢Ǣ . Ţġ ¢Ǣ Ө¡ Ũ 측 ý, 즸 ǡ Ҹ . Ǣ ȡ ȡ. ž, ; ġ ¢ ɾ ž. ; ž, ž 츢. , Ũ¢ Ǣ 񼾡 θ . Ţġ٨ Ȩ ž Ǣ ž θ 츢. Ũ¢ â¡Ǣ Ÿ 10 ȡ. â¡ Ө Ÿ ž ¡á Ȣ 츢ȡ.

ú θ Ш¢  Ţġ٨ ž Ţ. ռ Ţġ â Ţ ʨ Ţġ Ȣ , Ţġ Ţ 쨸¡ ȡ. Ǣ â¡ Ȣ, ǡ 츢 Ƣ , 㸧¡ Ĩ ¢. Ũ¢ Ţм Ģ Ţ ¢츢ȡ. ڸȦȡ ٨ Ţ 츢 . Ȣ 츢ȡ. ռǢ Ӽ 츢ȡ.

ŢġǢ Ũ¢ Ȣ θ 츢. . Ũ¢ Ţġ . Ũ¢ Ţġ θǢ Ţ м ̦ ź.

. þ
Ţġ Ȣ

From: "ponniah karunaharamoorthy" <karunaharamoorthy@yahoo.ie>
To: "Na Va" <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 8:35 PM
Subject: Thanks!

Dear Giritharan;  I  admired  "Tevadarisanam".You finish the story as a dream,  you would  have leave as it is  real. 

-P.Karunaharamoorthy           Berlin

[ и Ȣ. ΦӨ , Ȣ, ھ ⢠š. š, š âЦţ. - -]

From: Albert Fernando 
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 12:02 PM
Subject: Pathivugal.....Malar Oru Thevai...!

Pathivukalɢ â , Ž. úŢ ɸý򾡧ġ Ȣ Ĩ Ũĸ θ. ɾ Ģ Ÿ, Ȣ ¢ ׿Ģ¢ġ, 񧼡 ͸; ͸ ġ Ţ Ţ즸츢ȡ. ׸ Ƣ Ǣ ¡ ɢ 측 . š ׸ Ǣ Ţ ɡ Ȣ ܼ Ţ Ţġ. ý Ӹ 𨼨 Ũ Ǣ ġ; ڸȧ ġ. ...ۨ ¡ Χ ɧ?Ȩ Ģ; ¢Ȩ ... Ģ ׸  ź,ź


From: "puthiyamaadhavi sankaran" <puthiyamaadhavi@hotmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 12:59 PM

â , ׸ ç. ׸ ɢǢ ġȢ šȢ â 𺢨 Ц츢. ¢ ؾɡ ɡ ġ 򾢨 Ƣ ĸ áξâ. Ȣ Ȣ¡ , ¡ ȡ. ź š ׼ Ţ. ġ 츢 츢ȧ ׸  츢. . Ҽ, 


From: Mohan <moba@bigpond.net.au>
To: ngiri2704@rogers.com 
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 4:27 PM

Hi Giri, How are you? I am now your fan. I read your mag. Often. Good job.


From: ravi/ranji(swiss) ranr@bluewin.ch
To: editor@pathivukal.com 
Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 3:29 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Ҽ ׸Ǣ ׸Ǣ ȢŢ ¢ħ θ. š츢 츢. . 


From: "puvan eelanathan" <eelanathan@hotmail.com>
To: <gnav@rogers.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 6:27 AM
Subject: Re: [Bulk] vanakkam

â Ž. ׸  Ȣ¾ ź Ȣ, . ġ Ǣ Ǣ Ҹǡ Ǣ Ҹ Ҹǡ ¾ .Ũ¢ Ȣ ɢǢ ȡ ׸Ǣ Ǣ Ҹ  š ɦ. ƢǢ ġ.

1)׸Ǣ Ǣ Ҹ 츢 ڸǡ ڸ,Ţ,Ψ Ҹǡ Ǣ¢ġ

2) ġ񧼡 Ȣ ̾¡š ơ ġ.

¢ ׸Ǣ šǢ .


From: "Tharanian Ravi" <trlanka@hotmail.com>
To: <ngiri2704@rogers.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2004 9:39 AM
Subject: Questions of Deepawali By Tharanian, London

Derar sir or Madam: I have had confusion of Deepawali. So prepared to send the questions web of Pathivukal so people could answer my questions. Please publish this on Pathivukal!

Thank you
From R.Tharanian

A Question to People!

What is Deepawali?
Our Srilankan people say that more than 1000 years ago, a monster called Narahasuren who lived in India. He was torturing people by killing and many more. At that situation people in India were praying to God Krishna to destroy or kill this Narahasuren. As this happened Krishna killed Narahasuren with help of Mother of World. So that day was the day that Srilankan people celebrate as Deepawali. Deepam means the light of the lamp. So people light up the Deepam to thank God for the help to kill Narahasuren after the terrible torture. This is called Deepawali by the Srilankan Tamils. 

But Indian people say that Srilankan King called Raavanan ,who killed by the King of India called Ramar, on that day Indian people celebrate as Diwali. 

I am going to ask few questions.

1.Why are there two different reasons for Deepawali?

2.Raavanan was a king of Srilanka. He had spirit from God Siva and he is excellent sweet musician of Veena. He has got brilliant power, he was good hearted man. Why do Indian people call Raavanan a monster who has ten heads? 

3.Raavanan was imagined as ten heads because he had a brilliant knowledge, as the people draw  Raavanan as a ten headed person. Is it True or  False?  Please research and answer the questions for me.

Thank You, 
R.Tharanian (12) Years 
Student of Enfield Grammar School

[Ǣ Ȣ ׸Ǣ Ǣ Ψ¢ Ţ¡? Didn't you read the Pathivukal's article on Deepavali? The article is available at: http://www.geotamil.com/pathivukal/albert_dewali.html  -]

From: "C Annamalai" <yaazhini@hotmail.com>
To: <editor@pathivukal.com>
Sent: Friday, November 12, 2004 6:40 AM
Subject: Alpa Koothaadigal

Dear Editor,I am Annamalai, from Chennai. I made a documertary on Swiss Tamil Drama School and I would like to send it for review. If I know your postal address I can send it or you can suggest if there is any other way.

Thank you

[ Ӹâ : Pathivukal ,P.O.Box 22088, 45 Overlea Blvd,Toronto, Ontario , Canada M4H 1N9 ]



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